IT Project Management

How Do You Manage Project Risk?

Project management is an important tool for ensuring business success. Investment in IT project management can save you time and money by efficiently allocating resources where they are most needed, creating clear accountability for necessary [...]

5 Best Practices in Outsourcing IT Project Work

For companies that lack a fully staffed IT department, whether because of budget constrictions or minimal need, creating a knowledgeable team for an IT project can seem difficult. Outsourcing provides an excellent solution to this [...]

The Top 10 Skills IT Project Managers Need

Project managers in IT live in a world of esoteric technologies, constant change and difficulty providing a value proposition to management. Project results are often not just the construction of a physical asset for the [...]

IT Project Management Outsourcing: Top 7 Reasons You Should

IT infrastructure projects are complex and time-sensitive, often involving significant cost. From work environment relocation to data center builds, projects can include precision construction, systems design and integration, anticipation of future standards evolution and facility [...]