EIRE Systems is a leading independent provider of professional IT services to the financial, insurance and multinational sectors in Japan and throughout the Asia Pacific region. EIRE Systems has expertise across a wide spectrum of Information Technologies, with a track record for successfully completing hundreds of assignments since its establishment in 1996.

We provide professional IT services, both project-based and ongoing operational support, in two main areas:

  1. IT Services
  2. Project Management

With offices in Tokyo, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Singapore, EIRE Systems is in a position to provide local, regional, and global IT strategy and technology solutions to its multinational clients.

The EIRE Systems Story

The EIRE Systems Story began with a business partnership between two IT consultants, Matthew Connolly and Paul Timmons, who had a few things in common. Both are originally from Dublin, Ireland and they each first came to Japan as graduates to work at major Japanese technology companies; more importantly they also shared a common interest in the rapidly developing information technology sector and a common goal to establish a company of their own to provide better IT Solutions to the increasingly internationalized Japan market.

Matthew and Paul continued to develop their own professional skills and quickly established themselves as leading independent IT Project Management Consultants, mostly for the Financial Services industry. As EIRE Systems has grown, the company has been very successful in winning and consistently delivering on increasingly more complex and high-profile projects, as a result the business has expanded to provide a wider range of IT Support, Project Management, Consulting and Outsourcing Services to Multinational and internationalized corporate clients across various industries and business sectors.

EIRE Systems’ growth has been mostly organic, and since its inception has expanded to 200 professionals across four office locations including Tokyo, Hong Kong, Singapore and Shanghai, with proven ability to deliver throughout the Asia Pacific region. The common goals that lead to the creation of EIRE Systems remain the same today as we continue to strive to grow our business to better meet our clients’ requirements and to provide ongoing opportunities and career development for our employees.

EIRE Systems Milestones


  • After working together since early 1995, Matthew Connolly and Paul Timmons incorporate EIRE Systems K.K. in Tokyo in January 1996. The company’s initial focus is to provide IT installation and support services for desktop, server, network and Market Data systems to financial and related institutions in the Tokyo market.


  • IT Project Management of first major Building Relocation Project for a large European financial institution. Project scope included build out of a 300 position trading floor, a 200 equipment rack Data Center, and the relocation of 800 users to a new building. Following this project EIRE Systems sets up its IT Project Management arm.


  • IT Infrastructure Design and Implementation for new building project for a major European financial institution in Tokyo.


  • EIRE Systems enters the Australia market with the completion of a major European bank’s relocation to a new office complex in Sydney’s financial district.


  • Incorporation of Hong Kong office: EIRE Systems (Hong Kong) Limited, and immediate commencement of local operations and engagement on projects for several key regional MNC clients.
  • Completion of first large scale Hong Kong project, for a major European bank, including the fit out of office space for 120 people and a 60-rack data center.


  • Begin supporting small-to-medium enterprise clients in Hong Kong with the setup of Client Support Services group.


  • Incorporation of Singapore Office; EIRE Systems Singapore Pte. Ltd.
  • Completion of first major IT project in Singapore including the IT infrastructure fit out and user relocations for 460 users.
  • Appointed by a major global apparel company setting up an independent presence in the Japanese market to complete the IT infrastructure fit out of its flagship apparel store, three outlet stores and a warehouse.
  • EIRE Systems is appointed to design and manage the IT infrastructure implementation of two major international Casino/Resorts in Macau. Successfully deliver a combined total of over 500 racks and 25,000 data ports.


  • Setup of Client Support Services to support small-to-medium enterprise clients in the Singapore market.
  • Obtain a staffing level of 100 fulltime employees across the APAC region.
  • Complete our first major IT Infrastructure project in Mainland China, with the design and implementation of a 1,000-user office building in Hangzhou for a major US custodian bank.


  • A series of firsts – our first IT project in the hospitality sector with the IT fit out of a complex of two 20-story hotel towers in Tokyo, and the completion of IT projects in Mumbai and Pune in
  • India for an International Information Provider and a major European Bank.
  • Incorporation of China Office based in Shanghai; EIRE Systems (China).


  • Complete a major Regional Data Center project in Singapore for a large European securities firm.
  • Successfully enter the Malaysian market by providing IT infrastructure design and build services to a 25 story development for a local Malaysian bank.
  • Complete the design and build of office and data center facilities for a large oil refinery in Singapore.


  • Complete a five year project encompassing IT project management and IT infrastructure fit out services for a large scale building complex for a US business and social club in Tokyo.
  • Provide IT infrastructure design and fit out services and manage the movement of 3,000 users for a major US computer software and consumer electronics company, consolidating 5 buildings into one new tower complex in central Tokyo.
  • Complete a large scale relocation project for a major European securities firm, the largest such project completed in the Tokyo market in 2010.
  • Awarded a regional support contract for a global securities exchange.
  • Migrate 4,000 users to a new office location for a large European investment bank in Hong Kong.


  • Obtain staffing level of 150 fulltime employees across the APAC region.
  • Appointed as the regional IT consultancy for a major US retail chain, designing and implementing store fit-outs in Hong Kong, Singapore and Mainland China.
  • Complete a large scale office and data center relocation project for a major Australian bank in Singapore.
  • Complete a back office relocation project for a major US investment bank in Singapore.


  • Provide all aspects of IT fit-out for 300 person relocation of a major US management consulting firm.
  • Complete the rollout of a comprehensive computer security software solution for one of Japan’s largest retailers.
  • Complete the move of a European investment bank in Hong Kong.


  • Provide project management services for the redesign and rebuild of the entire network, security and related IT infrastructure for the largest integrated resort in Singapore as a result of mandates by Singapore regulators.
  • Complete a five floor office re-stack project for a major European banking group.
  • Complete an 800 desk office consolidation project for a major European bank.
  • Design and installation of the IT infrastructure for the new offices of a US investment bank.


  • Provide program and project management services for a regional, multi-data center relocation project for a major US bank.
  • Complete a 200 server off-site data center move for a major US investment bank.
  • In progress – IT optimization project, both infrastructure and application, for the local arm of a major US broker.
  • In progress – renovation in situ of IT infrastructure (structured cabling, audio-visual systems) for a large US financial media company.


  • In response to its tremendous growth over the last 10 years, EIRE Systems relocated to new offices, tripling its office space.
  • Complete three year program management engagement with major US bank for relocation of data centers in three countries.
  • Relocate technology laboratories for a large technology company.
  • Take over all end-user device, server and network support for a global pharmaceutical company.
  • Take over all data center support for a major US investment bank


  • EIRE Systems celebrates its 20th anniversary in Japan.
  • EIRE Systems joins the Global Workplace Alliance, a strategic alliance of companies providing workplace solutions to global enterprises.
  • Begin multi-year project to relocate offices and data centers for a major US brokerage.
  • Begin multi-year project to provide technical and project management services for technical environment refresh for major US investment bank.


  • Number of end user devices supported by EIRE Systems exceeds 100,000.
  • Complete relocations for two European asset management companies.
  • Relocate offices for US investment manager.