Who We Are

EIRE Systems is a leading independent provider of professional IT, AV and Access Security services to the financial, insurance, manufacturing, health care, retail,  construction, hospitality, commercial real estate, legal, educational and multinational sectors in Japan and throughout the Asia Pacific region. EIRE Systems has expertise across a wide spectrum of Information Technologies, with a track record for successfully completing hundreds of assignments since its establishment in 1996.

We provide professional IT services, both project-based and ongoing operational support, in two main areas:

  • IT, AV and Access Security Services
  • Project Management

With offices in Tokyo, Hong Kong, Singapore and Shanghai, EIRE Systems is in a position to provide local, regional, and global IT strategy and technology solutions to its multinational clients.

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The EIRE Systems Story

The EIRE Systems Story began with a business partnership between two IT consultants, Matthew Connolly and Paul Timmons, who had a few things in common. Both are originally from Dublin, Ireland and they each first came to Japan as graduates to work at major Japanese technology companies; more importantly they also shared a common interest in the rapidly developing information technology sector and a common goal to establish a company of their own to provide better IT Solutions to the increasingly internationalized Japan market.

Matthew and Paul continued to develop their own professional skills and quickly established themselves as leading independent IT Project Management Consultants, mostly for the Financial Services industry. As EIRE Systems has grown, the company has been very successful in winning and consistently delivering on increasingly more complex and high-profile projects, as a result the business has expanded to provide a wider range of IT Support, Project Management, Consulting and Outsourcing Services to Multinational and internationalized corporate clients across various industries and business sectors.

EIRE Systems’ growth has been mostly organic, and since its inception has expanded to 200 professionals across four office locations including Tokyo, Hong Kong, Singapore and Shanghai, with proven ability to deliver throughout the Asia Pacific region. The common goals that lead to the creation of EIRE Systems remain the same today as we continue to strive to grow our business to better meet our clients’ requirements and to provide ongoing opportunities and career development for our employees.


Global Workspace Alliance

The Global Workplace Alliance (GWA) is a strategic alliance led by Getronics, a leader in End-User Outsourcing Services, combining the expertise of local IT service providers to deliver workspace solutions globally – as one single entity.

The GWA is a partner ecosystem that provides customers with IT services and last-mile onsite support across more than 185 countries, with one single point of contact, contract, and billing entity.

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Our mission is to support global companies as they transition toward an increasingly mobile, connected, and secure global workspace environment, enabling them to achieve their objectives by empowering satisfied and efficient employees.

Featuring proactive support and tailored, user-focused solutions, our service portfolio contributes to the productivity and satisfaction of our clients’ employees – providing them with the customized tools that enable them to deliver the best possible service, both internally to the business and externally to their customers.



Swimage offers hyper-automated cybersecurity solutions, including security enforcement, incident response, and disaster recovery. Key features include compliance monitoring, rapid remediation, zero trust security, and full-disk forensic snapshots. The solutions are scalable, customizable, and integrate seamlessly with existing management tools.


ThreatSTOP provides advanced DNS security solutions, proactively blocking threats before they infiltrate networks. Their comprehensive DNS filter integrates with various infrastructures, protecting clients from phishing, ransomware, and malware.

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Technical Certifications

We are members of the Project Management Institute (PMI), with BICSI,
Microsoft, Cisco, Sun, ITIL, VMware Certifications, Ekahau (ECSE), DCCA, and Palo Alto

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An Entire IT Infrastructure Solution for
Small and Medium Businesses

Our managed IT service solutions can help your company level up its online reputation, improve productivity and grow. Get in touch with EIRE Systems today to get started.