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In the digital age, the integrity of your network infrastructure is paramount. Founded in 1996, EIRE Systems, with our top-tier network penetration testing services, has the expertise to protect you against security breaches and safeguard your business. Our commitment to excellence positions us among the top penetration testing companies, delivering cybersecurity solutions and peace of mind.

What We Offer

Comprehensive Penetration Testing Services

Our suite of network penetration testing services encompasses the following:

  • External Penetration Testing: We simulate real-world attacks on your external networks to identify vulnerabilities before they can be exploited.
  • Internal Penetration Testing: Safeguarding your internal network from potential threats is crucial. Our internal penetration testing scrutinizes your security from the inside out.

Penetration Testing Execution Standard

Adhering to the Penetration Testing Execution Standard (PTES), our testing team meticulously uncovers even the most critical vulnerabilities. Our manual penetration testing services go beyond automated vulnerability scanning to provide a thorough security assessment.

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EIRE Systems: Where Security Meets Excellence

We’re dedicated to helping you exploit vulnerabilities before they become liabilities. With EIRE Systems, you’re not just hiring a vendor but partnering with security experts committed to protecting your digital landscape. All our penetration testers have extensive experience across multiple roles, including desktop support, network engineering, and server engineering, which we believe gives them an edge when exploiting the numerous attack vectors.  

Let’s secure your future together. Contact us to discover why we’re the best for IT security today.

Our Rigorous Penetration Testing Process

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Vulnerability Assessment: The Foundation of Robust Security

Our process commences with a meticulous vulnerability assessment, the cornerstone of adequate network security. EIRE Systems’ approach is systematic and exhaustive. We scrutinize your network infrastructure to uncover security gaps that could potentially be exploited. This initial phase is critical, as it sets the parameters for the depth and breadth of the subsequent penetration testing. Our security experts utilize a blend of automated vulnerability scanning and manual review to ensure a comprehensive identification process. We examine your external networks and internal systems, leaving no unchecked environment.

Security Testing: Precision-Driven Analysis

Following the assessment, our security testing phase begins. Here, our seasoned security experts employ sophisticated penetration tests tailored to your unique network environment to test security vulnerabilities. We conduct external and internal penetration testing depending on your needs. Our team uses various simulated attacks, including web application and API penetration testing, to pinpoint security flaws rigorously. This phase is not just about finding weaknesses; it’s about understanding the security posture of your network in its entirety.

Exploit Vulnerabilities: Simulating Real-World Threats

In the exploit phase, we simulate real-world attacks to gauge the resilience of your security controls. This is where our penetration testers shine, applying their expertise to exploit vulnerabilities in a controlled and safe manner. By simulating these attacks, we can identify the apparent, more subtle, and insidious security risks that could lead to security breaches. We aim to understand the full scope of potential threats and test the effectiveness of existing security measures.

Reporting and Solutioning: Comprehensive Insights for Informed Decisions

The culmination of our penetration testing services is a detailed penetration test report. This report is not merely a list of identified vulnerabilities but a comprehensive document providing actionable insights. We prioritize the vulnerabilities, offering recommendations for remediation that align with best practices in vulnerability management. Our reporting is clear, concise, and tailored to your organizational context, enabling you to make informed decisions about your security program. We also outline the penetration testing cost transparently, ensuring you understand the value of the investment in your security.

Beyond Testing: Full-Service IT Security Solutions

Continuous Monitoring and Concierge Support

After a penetration test, our engagement doesn’t end. We offer continuous monitoring and vulnerability management to ensure system security remains robust. Our concierge support means we’re always on hand to address any concerns.

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Unmatched Speed in Response and Resolution

In the realm of network security, time is of the essence. At EIRE Systems, our penetration testers are ready to respond rapidly, recognizing that the faster a vulnerability is identified, the quicker it can be secured. Our clients benefit from our ability to provide timely security solutions that minimize risk exposure. Whether it’s an urgent need for external network penetration testing or a scheduled routine check, our team can act swiftly without compromising quality or thoroughness.

Thoroughness That Sets Industry Standards

Our commitment to thoroughness is unwavering. We delve deep into your network’s architecture with a comprehensive vulnerability assessment that sets the stage for effective penetration testing. Our security experts meticulously conduct manual testing to uncover security flaws that automated systems might miss. This attention to detail extends to our security research, where we stay ahead of the curve, understanding the latest threats and exploitation techniques. By choosing EIRE Systems, you’re opting for scrutiny to fortify your network against even the most sophisticated attacks.

Discretion That Upholds Your Trust

We understand that discretion is paramount when handling sensitive information. At EIRE Systems, our penetration testing services are executed with the highest level of confidentiality. From initial vulnerability scanning to delivering your detailed penetration test report, every step is handled with discretion. Our security experts ensure that all findings and data are communicated through secure channels, maintaining the integrity of your data throughout the process. When we simulate real-world attacks to identify vulnerabilities, we do so with the understanding that the trust you place in us is integral to our partnership.

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EIRE Systems: Where Speed, Thoroughness, and Discretion Meet Excellence

Choosing EIRE Systems means partnering with a penetration testing company that understands the critical nature of network security testing and values the trust you place in us to protect your assets. Our approach is designed to provide security solutions that are as swift as they are comprehensive, all while maintaining the confidentiality your business deserves.

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