Offering IT services for healthcare providers in Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai, and across APAC, we cater to your business’s particular needs with scalable solutions for on-site and remote support, cloud services, and project management, among other support services.

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IT Support

EIRE Systems can provide onsite or remote IT support to the healthcare industry. While having IT resources in-house may seem like an obvious choice, outsourcing IT services to a service provider with expertise in the healthcare industry may be your best bet when you need to quickly optimize your existing IT environment to support your customers better or expand rapidly in response to new market opportunities.

Our secure technology and highly skilled IT professionals aid medical practices by protecting patient data, and they also ensure compliance with all applicable laws in the Asia-Pacific region, including Tokyo, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Singapore. Some benefits of using our managed IT solutions include:

  • Experienced IT professionals who are often inaccessible to small businesses
  • Reduced costs that are fixed and predictable for better budgeting
  • Enhanced efficiency and productivity with a full suite of technology solutions
  • Faster staff adoption of new medical office technology and easier training
  • IT support available 24/7 to prevent potentially costly downtime

IT Consulting

Healthcare organizations, including medical practices and home health agencies, require specialized technology solutions due to the type of patient data they handle and store. Sensitive records in medical offices and healthcare practices need cybersecurity protection to keep patient data safe.

With that in mind, EIRE Systems helps you create an IT services plan that provides peace of mind when it comes to patient safety via the prevention of cyber-breaches, even for small practices. Our managed IT services also help reduce costs to maximize your bottom line, letting you focus on what you do best: taking care of patients.

IT Security

Cybersecurity solutions that prevent healthcare data security breaches help your organization thrive. At EIRE Systems, we strive to create an optimized IT environment that enhances patient care at your medical office.

We can help you secure your networks, computers and data by blocking malicious apps and software, among other technology services. And because technology solutions that work today might not work as well tomorrow, we can schedule and perform security assessments on a periodic basis to continually assess your healthcare practice’s security so you can feel good about your IT services. Healthcare providers we can help with our technology services include:

  • Medical practices
  • Home health agencies
  • Clinics
  • Hospitals

Cloud Solutions

Whether your healthcare organization has one location or many, EIRE Systems can help with cloud storage solutions that fit your needs and budget. Our IT professionals can work with your on-site technology together with cloud computing in healthcare to enhance support, boost security and ward off healthcare data breaches.

Working with private, public and hybrid cloud solutions we can help your users share patients’ data safely and securely, even on mobile devices. These solutions allow you to download and upload data with efficiency and ensure workers have the patient care information necessary to prevent medical errors.

Wi-Fi Design

The proliferation of mobile devices on-site makes a stable WiFi design imperative to the functioning of your medical office, and EIRE Systems can make that happen while providing reliable support. Whether you want to improve the patient experience with free Wi-Fi while they wait for appointments or help staff access patient data seamlessly no matter where they are in your facility, our healthcare IT services provide solutions that maintain patient safety.

With that in mind, we configure, install and maintain your Wi-Fi systems and offer scalable services to accommodate future growth in busy healthcare organizations and medical industry offices and clinics.

IT Concierge Services

Stay compliant with healthcare industry standards for patient data by using concierge IT services for healthcare organizations from EIRE Systems. Perfect for smaller healthcare providers and independent healthcare professionals, our healthcare IT services available via concierge offer a wide range of services, such as a full suite of cybersecurity options.

These security options include picking the right data center to prevent data breaches, finding technology solutions for network security and training workers to avoid phishing and other friendly intrusion methods that enable cybercriminals to potentially access patient information.

Project Management

Let EIRE Systems ease the strain of migrating patients’ data when you relocate your office or move to a new data centre. As members of BICSI and the Project Management Institute (PMI), our managed IT services follow established project management methodologies so you can feel confident when you put your healthcare organization’s data in our hands.

Our IT professionals are skilled in infrastructure design, implementation and management, with experience in cloud, desktop, mobile and telecom systems, among other specialized software and hardware needs. No matter the healthcare IT services your business requires, EIRE Systems aims to provide you with solutions that are on time and on budget.

Professional Healthcare IT Services

Cybersecurity solutions protect your business processes and patient information from data breaches and loss, help you comply with industry regulations and provide fast fixes to network outages. When you need help with healthcare IT services in Tokyo, Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai, or across APAC, turn to EIRE Systems. Support services from EIRE Systems, whether provided on-site or remotely, help ensure the smooth operation of healthcare organizations and enhance the patient experience. Call us today at + 81-3-5484-7935 or send an inquiry via our contact form to learn how our healthcare IT service providers can help your business grow and thrive.

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