Designing and Troubleshooting Your
Wi-fi Network

If you are offering free Wi-Fi to your customers, a slow connection with regular service interruptions, or an unsecure connection experience, can have a negative impact on your business.

The demands on Wi-Fi in the workplace is growing rapidly with the proliferation of new network devices and applications. Users now have more than one device connecting to the network. In such a changing environment the need for a properly designed and robust Wi-Fi connection is a must for your business.

At EIRE Systems using Ekahau ( we can design, install and maintain your Wi-Fi network to support not only your current but also your future user needs. Our engineers can perform heat map surveys and RF spectrum measurements to identify optimum WAP locations as well as revealing any interference that may be present in your facility, affecting a new or existing installation.

Graphical heat maps help to visualize anticipated wireless LAN behavior in a simple and cost-efficient manner for understanding:
  • how many devices will connect to the Wi-Fi network simultaneously
  • the number of concurrent devices per area,
  • types of connecting applications and their bandwidth requirements, are considered during our design phase.

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EIRE Systems’ Wi-Fi network design

By leveraging EIRE Systems’ Wi-Fi network design, you get access to top wireless and networking experts with experience implementing business and enterprise-level Wi-Fi networks. Complicated buildings such as hospitals, apartment complexes, industrial plants, hotels and warehouses can now boast full-coverage Wi-Fi thanks to our smart turnkey Wi-Fi design services.

Our services, site surveys and optimizations help:

  • Increase capacity to reduce device constraints
  • Create a Wi-Fi network with full coverage while minimizing the number of access points
  • Design public and guest Wi-Fi networks for easy customer or client use

With stadiums and venues also starting to integrate into the Internet of Things (IoT), high-capacity Wi-Fi networks are the only option to avoid network strain from the immense traffic. The prevalence of mobile devices that are always connected is another challenge, especially when bandwidth-heavy streaming applications are being used. College campuses suffer from a similar set of complications, making a custom Wi-Fi design critical to consistent service.

Guest Wi-Fi networks have become an expectation for clients, customers and guests. While your business network can be used by employees for their work devices, giving guests access to this network is a substantial security risk. A guest network keeps non-business devices separate from those storing valuable and private information. Service providers often use guest Wi-Fi to assist customers in setting up online account access. If there’s a delay in assisting a customer, they’ll have internet access to make the wait less impactful.

Creating a public guest network gives you a chance to brand the login page with your logo, new promotions, optional surveys or even shorthand educational content to add value for the user. Connecting to the network provides future detection of the device to enhance the customer experience. Set your network up to send welcome messages and meeting details or to pull up the guest’s profile while they make their way to reception. Customized experiences create immense value for clients and customers as they feel noticed and appreciated any time they come into your building.

Wi-Fi network design and application implementation of this scale requires a team of dedicated network engineers and analysts to maintain high performance levels. Our roster of network experts can design business and guest Wi-Fi networks to fit any need, scale or budget.

Wi-Fi structured cabling.

EIRE Systems Wi-Fi Design Process

As more and more business is done using applications integrating IoT devices, it’s become a requirement for businesses to have a robust Wi-Fi network. Our engineers have the experience and tools needed for an on-time delivery of Wi-Fi services that fit your organization’s unique needs. We work closely with you and your team to ensure costs stay within budget to give you the highest return on investment.

Designing bespoke wireless network solutions takes several considerations during planning. Floor plans, site surveys, application requirements and expected traffic all play a role in how a Wi-Fi system is mapped out. Taking these steps lets us meet your Wi-Fi network deployment needs no matter how simple or intricate they may be.

To better understand your needs, consider the following questions leading up to your first consultation:
  • What types of devices do you expect to connect to the network?
  • Which applications will you run over Wi-Fi?
  • Will you need additional wired connections to network switches?

  • What level of wireless network security and monitoring do you need?

After deployment, our engineers will test and validate both Wi-Fi performance and coverage on business and guest networks alike. The goal is to verify that all metrics and requirements you’ve set have been met. Additional site surveys can isolate any existing network problems that need to be addressed with the new Wi-Fi network design. Each survey can be completed again after deployment or network changes for optimization planning if needed. Complex network designs may require a pre-installation survey of the building to test for interference using RF surveying gear.

Clients noticing an abrupt decrease in Wi-Fi coverage or performance are encouraged to schedule a site survey for diagnostic and troubleshooting guidance. Certain Wi-Fi configurations work better in different environments, and changes to your building can create new interference problems that require additional Wi-Fi optimization.

Changes that can impact your Wi-Fi network include:
  • Office reconfiguration or layout changes with installation of new equipment and/or changes in user locations/concentrations.
  • New tenants with their own network and devices in adjacent offices for shared buildings
  • Updates to the building such as new construction
  • Changes in network usage and load

There are multiple ways to address these issues depending on survey results. Using wireless network diagnostic applications, our team will generate an RF heat map based on the floor plan of the problem area to visualize Wi-Fi coverage. You’ll be told the root cause of service trouble along with possible solutions. Access points may be repositioned, new ones installed or extra antennae added to existing access points. 

Conducting detailed surveys requires the best wireless networking tools on the market. We’ve partnered with Ekahau to give our designers access to precise measurements and detailed data analytics. Ekahau’s award-winning survey, Wi-Fi design and troubleshooting technology helps ensure your Wi-Fi deployment is optimized to your requirements on day one. We can even help optimize your existing equipment to extend its service life using the Ekahau suite of products to make high-quality wireless internet accessible to any budget or organization.

Comprehensive Wi-Fi designs from EIRE Systems can include network management services to help maintain and adjust your business Wi-Fi as needed. Outsourcing your network management saves you time and money that would otherwise be spent on hiring and paying a full-time admin or IT team

IT tech support providing guidance and troubleshooting

Our management services can operate at any scale to support your newly deployed networks.

To get started on your next Wi-Fi design project or to learn more about our other IT services,
reach out to our team at EIRE Systems today.

To get started on your next Wi-Fi design project or to learn more about our other IT services, reach out to our team at EIRE Systems today.