With more users connecting to their office network and the Internet via Wi-Fi, having a fast, reliable and secure Wi-Fi connection is essential to the success of your business. Furthermore, if you are offering free Wi-Fi to your customers, a slow connection with regular service interruptions, or an unsecure connection experience, can have a negative impact on your business.

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The demands on Wi-Fi in the workplace is growing rapidly with the proliferation of new network devices and applications. Users now have more than one device connecting to the network. In such a changing environment the need for a properly designed and robust Wi-Fi connection is a must for your business.

At EIRE Systems using Ekahau (https://www.ekahau.com/) we can design, install and maintain your Wi-Fi network to support not only your current but also your future user needs. Our engineers can perform heat map surveys and RF spectrum measurements to identify optimum WAP locations as well as revealing any interference that may be present in your facility, affecting a new or existing installation. Graphical heat maps help to visualize anticipated wireless LAN behavior in a simple and cost-efficient manner.

Understanding (i) how many devices will connect to the Wi-Fi network simultaneously, (ii) the number of concurrent devices per area, and (iii) types of connecting applications and their bandwidth requirements, are considered during our design phase.

Using the world-class Ekahau Wi-Fi toolkit, our engineers can make sure that your mission-critical Wi-Fi network continues to drive your business.

As a Reseller for Ekahau in Japan, we can also provide your IT department all the tools needed to design and support your Wi-Fi network in-house.

CLICK HERE to get our “Designing and Troubleshooting your Wifi Network Guide”

Contact us today for a quotation for our Wi-Fi design or upgrade services, or for any of the Ekahau Wi-Fi product suite.