EIRE Systems Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Policy signifies our commitment to enhancing society and contributing to sustainable practices.

Our CSR initiatives encompass evaluating and taking responsibility for the impact we have on a wide range of issues, including Labor & human rights, business ethics, sustainable procurement, community service and the environment.

  • Labor & Human Rights – At EIRE Systems, we are firmly committed to upholding human rights. As an equal opportunity employer, we strictly adhere to fair labor practices. Our activities are conducted in a manner that does not violate human rights, both directly and indirectly, in any country.
  • The Environment – We prioritize environmental conservation through various initiatives. At EIRE Systems, we proactively recycle plastic, glass, metal, and IT equipment, both internally and on behalf of our clients, using licensed and environmentally compliant recycling methods. Additionally, we promote energy efficiency by implementing measures such as automatic lighting and AC systems, Wake-on LAN, PC/Monitor sleep mode, and energy-efficient LED lighting.
  • Fair Operating Practices – EIRE Systems maintains a zero-tolerance policy towards bribery and corruption. We conduct our business dealings and relationships with the utmost professionalism, fairness, and integrity. Furthermore, we diligently implement and enforce effective practices to combat bribery and corruption.
  • Consumer Issues – Ensuring fair marketing, customer support, and data privacy and protection is of paramount importance to EIRE Systems. We prioritize these aspects in the delivery of our services. To guarantee information security, we have achieved ISO 27001 certification for our Information Security Management Systems.
  • Community Involvement & Development – EIRE Systems actively engages in community involvement to promote the arts, education, community events, and assist those in need. We encourage our employees to participate in volunteering opportunities, both internally and externally. Additionally, we may sponsor volunteering events organized by other organizations.

Guided by the principles of the United Nations Global Compact, EIRE Systems operates ethically and transparently. We actively seek to establish ourselves as a socially aware and responsible business, readily engaging in actions that align with our values. By upholding integrity and transparency, we aim to make positive contributions to society, improve environmental outcomes, and address economic challenges. Through our CSR efforts, we contribute to a sustainable future and demonstrate our commitment to being responsible corporate citizens.