Enhance customer experiences even before guests visit your business with managed IT services for hospitality industry businesses. Guests (and potential customers) have a vast array of options available when it comes to choosing the restaurants they patronize and the hotels they stay in. Creating a top-notch guest experience from the start can foster customer loyalty, making your business a top choice for consumers. To make this magic happen — and remain competitive with other businesses in the hospitality industry — it’s imperative to have the right technology services in place.

Whether you’re a restaurant owner or a hotel management team, customers expect you to offer a high-quality website and app experience before they arrive at your location and high-speed Wi-Fi connectivity when they get there. Additionally, consumers expect you to protect their information, creating a need for skilled experts to handle data infrastructure and technology solutions.

Discover how EIRE Systems can support your operations and help your business maintain guest loyalty so your hospitality industry business can grow and thrive. From hoteliers and property management businesses to restaurants, caterers, and entertainment providers, our hospitality IT solutions help you stay on top of cutting-edge hospitality technology like online reservations systems, secure your data infrastructure and ensure employees and guests have reliable access to Wi-Fi while on your premises. To learn more, contact us today by filling out our contact form.

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IT Support for the Hospitality Industry

Rely on EIRE Systems to provide IT support solutions for hospitality at a fixed price. Having staff on hand at your business may seem like a great solution, but outsourcing your hospitality IT services ensures you have around-the-clock support and technology solutions optimized for your specific needs. It also frees any internal technical staff for other work, which can help you better assist customers, support employees and innovate within the industry.

Whether you have a small business with one location or a growing operation with numerous physical locations, our skilled IT professionals have the experience required to deliver hospitality IT solutions that fit your budget, ensure PCI compliance, and meet regulations set by law in Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, and across APAC.

Some of the main advantages of using our hospitality IT services include:

  • Around the clock access to teams that understand the needs of the hospitality industry and how to meet them with customized technical solutions
  • Improved budgeting due to fixed prices that keep billing predictable and straightforward, which helps you plan financially and understand the future cost of scaling your IT solutions
  • Boosts in performance, such as more efficient systems, that foster guest loyalty and employee satisfaction — all of which can drive improved revenues and brand reputation
  • Preventing downtime by protecting restaurant POS systems, reservation databases and functions, and other data and workflow resources

IT Security for PCI Compliance

Part of a great guest experience in the hospitality industry is ensuring data breaches that compromise customers’ personally identifying information (PII) don’t occur. That’s where EIRE Systems comes in — our IT security solutions for hospitality industry businesses identify potential threats, eliminate network intrusion to prevent data theft, help employees by blocking malware and suspicious apps on enterprise devices, and ensure secure communications between staff and customers or guests.

We also help your hospitality industry business comply with all applicable regulations and laws concerning data protection for added peace of mind. A major area of concern for restaurants, hotels, and other hospitality organizations is PCI compliance, as the ability to take credit and debit cards as a compliant form of payment is critical to business success. EIRE Systems offers help with PCI-compliant solutions to protect your business and your customers.

Hospitality Cloud Computing Solutions

Connect multiple locations in a simple, affordable way with IT cloud solutions for hospitality from EIRE Systems. Cloud services let employees access core company files from a single location that we manage and support 24/7. Other advantages of using cloud technology include easy scalability and advanced security for confidential files.

Whether you need on-site solutions and support for operational efficiency and improved performance or off-site options for data sharing with mobile devices, EIRE Systems provides expertise in discovering comprehensive cloud computing options for your hospitality industry business. Our cloud technology solutions include:

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  • Software as a service (SaaS) cloud computing products
  • Cloud solutions for resource sharing both on- and off-site
  • Hybrid and multi-cloud services customized for hospitality
  • Management for cloud-based development environments
  • Restaurant POS systems that work on-site and on mobile

Wi-Fi Design to Improve Guest Loyalty

The changing business landscape makes Wi-Fi design and well-managed infrastructure imperative for businesses that have employees working off-site and guests visiting on-site. Likewise, free Wi-Fi for customers and guests is no longer seen as a perk — it’s considered a necessity by most customers. With that in mind, we manage IT solutions for the hospitality industry you can count on to improve the customer experience while keeping your business operations on an even keel so you can focus on generating revenue.

The main advantage of expert Wi-Fi design from EIRE Systems is access to top-notch professionals with loads of experience creating complex, enterprise-grade network technology solutions that enhance the customer and guest experience. Large facilities like hotels, restaurants, banquet halls, and amusement parks require extra effort when you want reliable coverage in every room. As an Ekahau Reseller (www.ekahau.com/), our trained engineers can design, troubleshoot and maintain your Wi-Fi network allowing your end-users to focus on what they do best. Our Wi-Fi installation and troubleshooting services incorporate a site survey to simplify network optimization and security, and includes:

  • Ensuring networks can handle numerous devices simultaneously is an absolute must for hotels, cafes, and other locations where people count on the ability to enjoy food or accommodations while accessing personal entertainment or work
  • Providing seamless coverage in every room, ensuring no patron is left in a dead spot
  • Adding full-coverage Wi-Fi options while keeping access points minimal to meet customer expectations while reducing expenses
  • Providing fast, easy-to-use Wi-Fi networks for customers can increase loyalty and keep people returning to your location
  • Integrating the Internet of Things (IoT) in larger facilities like halls and stadiums for streamlined operations and enhanced communication across the location
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Concierge Services for the Hospitality Industry

Smaller hospitality industry businesses have higher barriers to entry economically, and that’s why EIRE Systems offers personalized IT concierge services to help with the technology needs of up-and-coming hotels, caterers, wedding venues, and theaters. Most entrepreneurs focus on what they do best, which includes maintaining guest loyalty, keeping sales and revenue high, and handling property management issues. The need to focus on important factors like the customer experience, however, means infrastructure and security may fall by the wayside without some professional help from a high-quality IT concierge service.

When your hotel, restaurant, campground, or convention center needs help with hospitality technology, EIRE Systems is here with concierge services such as:

  • Protecting your guest network with security solutions
  • Training employees to use point-of-sale (POS) systems
  • Assisting with technology resource allocation and support
  • Helping your business pick the right data center service

Project Management for Operational Efficiency

Turn to EIRE Systems when you need support with technology projects for the hospitality industry that are outside your wheelhouse. Modernizing older POS systems and updating technology to meet PCI compliance requirements can be tricky for those without expertise in IT project management, so our skilled professionals handle the heavy lifting for you. Whether you need a data center set up or migrated to a new location, we assist your hotel, restaurant, or entertainment business with IT solutions for hospitality that are on time and on budget. Some services we provide to hoteliers, cafes, museums, and event venues that boost your business efficiency and revenue include:

  • Moving offices and data centers to new locations to support efficiency, scaling, and redundancy that makes disaster recovery easier
  • Providing continuity planning for businesses so you can confidently face the future even in the face of certain unknowns
  • In-house networking solutions to ensure optimal data access and flow
  • Rebuilding technical infrastructure to new specifications to meet modernization requirements or scaling needs
  • Delivering documentation for all completed projects to protect your investment and support accurate decision-making

Professional Hospitality IT Service Providers

Transform your business with solutions for hospitality technology that support growth and an improved guest experience with help from EIRE Systems. Our highly skilled managed IT specialists focus on supporting your business 24/7 with solutions that encompass everything from data security to setting up new offices as your hospitality business grows. Discover how EIRE Systems, the best IT services company, can assist you with hospitality technology solutions today by filling out our contact form.

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