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Whether you need on-site IT experts or as-needed assistance with help desk processes, our support options let you tailor services to meet user, business, and budget preferences. From full-time on-site engineers to integrated support that bolsters small or midsize business capability, the EIRE Systems Tokyo Japan IT support team has you covered.

Choose from managed services, such as help desk support, that let you approach technical concerns with smart, strategic tools, and save time and money by employing top talent for individual troubleshooting or technical needs. We can help you implement new projects, maintain computer-based workflows, and minimize downtime to keep your bottom line flush.

Premier IT Support in Tokyo

For over two decades, EIRE Systems has outsourced top-tier technical support talent to Tokyo, Japan. Throughout that time, EIRE Systems has delivered a record of results, including improved technology performance and reductions in cost. From project management to help desk support, if your business needs professionals with the right technical knowledge at an affordable price, EIRE Systems has the right people. 

Our success lies in the fact that we only hire the absolute best of the best. Our stringent recruiting process and focus on vendor management ensures an ever-growing pool of high-profile talent. With engineers specialized in a variety of technology disciplines, EIRE Systems can staff your business with the professionals it needs, such as:

  • Helpdesk Support Engineers
  • Remote Support Engineers
  • Server and Infrastructure Engineers
  • Network Engineers and Administrators
  • Data Support Specialists
  • Database and System Administrators

On top of recruiting the best candidates available, EIRE Systems puts a big emphasis on the continued education of its elite technology workforce. We go the extra mile to ensure employee retention and ongoing training so that our world-class engineers stick with us and remain the best in their field. This allows us to provide the best support services at affordable costs to each one of our customers.

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Don’t let the dangers on the web hinder your ability to serve customers or drive revenue. We keep track of the risks related to connectivity and help you create and manage digital policies and systems that keep networks and data safe.

Whether you need to start fresh with IT security policies or shield your network with solutions that keep dangers out of email or web ports, we can help. From vulnerability management and penetration testing to implementation of Forcepoint security, our team is ready to step between your business processes and the hackers, cybercriminals and other dangers inherent to the internet.

With threats lurking in every corner of business, companies need to prioritize their security implementations and support policies. Whether it’s company data or valuable customer information, your business needs a strategy to deal with the inevitable attempts by bad actors to gain access or cause harm. A lack of clarity in any aspect of your organization’s network or infrastructure security can lead to catastrophic consequences, both for your customers and for your business.

With EIRE Systems as your solutions provider, we’ll have the expertise necessary to identify and analyze risks and implement the appropriate policies and protections to keep your business operating safely. We can also help manage security support services across infrastructure, databases and applications while continually monitoring for future vulnerabilities through penetration testing. EIRE Systems is the security support team you need.

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Building a data center from scratch, implementing new software or hardware or simply relocating your office: These are all projects that can require a lot of IT manpower and know-how. Even if you have knowledgeable in-house technical support, it’s unlikely you staff at a high enough level at all times to manage large projects, which is why EIRE Systems offers as-needed project management or IT consulting services in Hong Kong, Tokyo, Singapore, and Shanghai.

We can help you relocate offices involving thousands of users or deliver complex infrastructure or data projects on time and within budget. Already set for today? Our business continuity services help you plan appropriately for tomorrow.

Support Services for Every Project Imaginable

EIRE Systems can help with any technology project imaginable, including:

  • Disaster recovery strategies
  • Data center strategies
  • Renewals and migrations
  • Business analysis and intelligence

Guided by the latest in project management methodologies, EIRE Systems’ technology consulting support services and project management are often the key differentiators in our customers’ technology implementations. Projects with ballooning costs and out-of-control timelines are a thing of the past with EIRE Systems. With an array of talented professionals skilled in a variety of disciplines, EIRE Systems will help you achieve your business, technology and infrastructure goals on time, on budget and completely to spec.

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Don’t let server woes keep you from scaling up to the appropriate level for your growing business. EIRE Systems cloud solutions help you manage data, processes and accesses on reliable cloud networks, so the sky is literally the limit when it comes to technology for your company.

Whether you need to store data securely and easily or want to leverage SaaS solutions to drive efficiency and production, we can help. Our teams help you get up and running faster and work with you to reduce downtime and ensure optimal use of your cloud networks and services.

Your Company’s Premier Cloud Partner

With the right cloud solutions partner, your Tokyo business benefits from the power and agility of the cloud, without dealing with any unnecessary complexities. From increased business and technology capabilities to the rapid scaling that cloud solutions provide, our tailor-made approach to digital cloud transformation opens your organization to a world of new possibilities.

  • Centralized applications and services that improve employee productivity, increase operating efficiency, decrease the need for infrastructure and office equipment and improve business flexibility
  • Data retention and safety solutions to provide your business with the continuity it needs, regardless of the situation
  • Robust, highly flexible infrastructure and support services that scale with the push of a button
  • Seamless maintenance and updates so your business’s technology capabilities are always one step ahead of the competition, and without costly migrations and downtime for end users
  • Hybrid physical and cloud solutions, tailored to your business needs and goals

By leveraging the best cloud solutions available, EIRE Systems helps infuse your business with the digital transformation necessary to grow your business, scale rapidly to increased customer demands and compete at the forefront of your market. Let us worry about and support the technology so you can focus on edging out the competition.

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Career Opportunities

Opportunities for experienced Project Managers for challenging medium-to-large scale IT infrastructure projects, including office and data center builds and relocations, technology refreshes, server and network upgrades and migrations, as well as Disaster Recovery initiatives.

Excellent opportunities for Desktop & Helpdesk Support Engineers to work as part of a team to support enterprise end-users – tasks will include general helpdesk duties, hardware and software refreshes, new technology rollouts and troubleshooting of various PC and related issues.

Seeking talented IT infrastructure engineers with the technical knowledge and client-facing communication skills to design and implement network, server, desktop & mobile computing solutions, utilizing enterprise technologies such as clustering, virtualization and cloud services.

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