Cloud with keyhole on digital backgroundCloud services in one form or another are already benefiting most small and medium-sized businesses. The challenge most businesses face is to identify what cloud provider services are already in use in their organizations and incorporate them in a new cloud computing strategy.

Familiar Cloud Application Platform Benefits

If you use Software as a Service (SaaS) products, cloud storage products to share documents and cloud computing resources to process data, you’re already embracing the cloud. The services you’re using are running on scalability and automation that adapt to serve you and thousands or millions of other users.

How the Cloud Platform Is Going to Change Your Business

Cloud computing concept: Cloud Technology on digital backgroundA recent article in CIO magazine emphasized the concerns of the 96 percent of organizations that employ cloud-based resources in some form. As these companies expand their use of cloud-based options to add flexibility and reliability to their IT operations, they need to radically change their IT governance. Organizations need to understand how to streamline and manage IT, which employs both internal and external resources, and how to implement it in a seamless fashion.

We Are Your IT Partner for High-Performance Cloud Services

EIRE Systems is your partner for on-premises IT operations, and we can bring our cloud experience to bear as well. Our knowledge in IT support services can guide both your expansion strategies and the addition of new capabilities and functionality to your existing IT infrastructure. Some of the digital transformation technologies at hand include:

  • Software-Defined Networking (SDN): Company networks organized without hardware-based and geographical constraints
  • SaaS Data Center Developments: Software as a Service is a rapidly growing area, enabling mobility and reducing in-house applications
  • Internet of Everything: Increased interaction of people, devices and systems on the internet
  • Managed Cloud Security Services: Security offerings that cover your widespread, increasingly mobile IT infrastructure

What We Know About Cloud Technologies, Present and Future

Creating an effective cloud infrastructure and embracing the right opportunities takes experience. These cloud technologies are constantly expanding, and your overall digital workspace strategy will determine which ones fit into your organization’s goals and which may not be the right choice at this point. We can help take your cloud environment approach to the next level with:

  • Private Cloud and Public Cloud Implementations: Flexibly sharing resources, on- and off-site
  • Hybrid Cloud and Multi-Cloud Configurations: More complex but with specific benefits
  • Cloud Applications: Operations software and even development environments managed by experts
  • A Growing Number of SaaS Offerings: From marketing to ERP and shipping, on the web and mobile
  • New Service Paradigms: Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) are just two of the “as a service” innovations arriving

At EIRE Systems, we can help you automate cloud-native computing as extra power for your IT operations. We can also introduce you to the benefits of this cloud ecosystem. Expert networking, security and operations staff help keep your in-house IT department lean as you grow. Let us help you design, implement and optimize your cloud strategy.


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