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Still Using In-House Business IT Support Service Providers?

Unless you are a huge company with the ability to hire and sustain an entire tech department, in-house IT staff can be costly and inefficient. Paying for the knowledge, expertise and qualifications required for full-scale network management and information technology services simply isn’t realistic for many startups and small to midsize organizations. Plus, smaller, less experienced teams naturally have limitations, which causes downtime and often results in outsourcing on top of sustaining your employees.

What’s more, trying to maintain an entire team that’s available around the clock would be exorbitant, leaving your company vulnerable to security and maintenance issues outside working hours. If something goes wrong during the evening or weekend, you will eat into your budget by outsourcing to an emergency IT assistance team or waiting until an employee is available. Downtime is the enemy of profit, and the best way to avoid it is by having an IT support service on-hand able to respond to out of hours emergencies.

Hiring an in-house support team is always going to be more expensive than outsourcing to a third party. With managed IT support services from EIRE Systems, you benefit from having an entire team for the cost of one or two employees, with comprehensive expertise covering the full scope of information technology support.

Cons of in-house IT support services:
  • More expensive than managed service providers

  • No support services during vacations or sick leave

  • Limited or nonexistent IT support services during evenings and weekends

  • Knowledge gaps when replacing employees

  • Heavy burden on small teams

  • Potential resistance to change

Benefits of an Outsourced IT Support Company and its Services

Most companies are shifting to outsourced IT services in at least one area, with IT support high on the list of solutions. Let’s look at the top reasons our customers are happy they outsourced IT support services to our team of experts:

An outsourced IT service provider comes with a wide array of expertise and experience that’s often too expensive for small- to medium-sized businesses to find internally.

You’ll save thousands of dollars each year by using a managed service provider compared to maintaining an in-house team. You eliminate hiring and onboarding costs and are only charged for the time spent working on your IT systems, which can vary significantly in monthly fees.

If you’re looking to increase productivity, outsourcing IT support is a no-brainer. An IT company has a wealth of tools and resources at its disposal that can instantly add value to your operation. They are in a position to make proactive decisions with a workforce strong enough to fix issues before you or your customers notice them.

With technology innovations happening at record pace, in-house teams typically do not have the time or money to dedicate to training and upgrading to the latest tech, skills, accreditation, processes and threat intelligence.

Buying support hours in blocks of pre-paid units can make it easier to budget, which means you have increased flexibility and planning potential. As such, IT services can easily grow as your business’s needs evolve.

Consumers increasingly expect 24/7 access to your business, and it is more important than ever as the Internet facilitates global operations across time zones. Any amount of downtime can eat into your bottom line, and partnering with a managed services provider is the best way to prevent it.

In-house IT support tends to be reactive as opposed to proactive, often feeling like firefighting instead of strategy. An IT support company’s resources allow for IT infrastructure monitoring, so we can tackle potential issues before they impact your business.

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Why Choose EIRE Systems’ Technical Support Team?

Our clients have kept our IT support service company in business for over 25 years because they trust us to consistently deliver results. We have a better understanding of how to monitor and manage IT systems due to the extensive and diverse knowledge and experience of our employees.

We take a strategic approach and customize your IT support plan depending on your company’s specific needs and goals. Reasons to choose us include:

Hardware and software facilitate everything your business does, and all machines must be monitored to preempt issues. We oversee everything, from critical software updates to data storage capacity status, to keep you up and running.

Our team is primed to explain everything in simple terms instead of overwhelming you with jargon.

We’re 100% transparent when it comes to billing and costs from day one because we understand how important budgeting and forecasting are for our service users.

Every business wants to boost revenue and reach a wider audience. We build our IT support services with scalability in mind to ensure we can adapt dynamically when your demands change.

SLAs are crucial when working with IT support services, and we provide these contracts to offer the assurance that we will respond in a timely manner to protect your tech and data.

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Which IT Solution Does Your Company Need?

Examples of other IT services EIRE Systems can help with include:

  • Fully managed services

  • Access to 24/7 technology support

  • Network support service

  • Cloud services and cloud platform management

  • Data backup and disaster recovery

  • Device management service

  • Managed Internet services

  • Advanced network monitoring

On-site and Remote Support Service Locations

No matter where you are in the world, our team can access, oversee and maximize the way your company uses tech and data. We offer hybrid on-site and remote support services to suit your business needs.

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Information Technology Staffing
& IT Consulting

Office personnel calling IT support for help from across the globe

With over 25 years of experience in outsourcing with a track record for delivering results, in addition to competitive pricing and a commitment to cost reduction, EIRE Systems, a top-tier IT services company, is positioned to provide your business with a broad set of technical and project management skills at an affordable price.

The key to the success of our outsourcing services lies in hiring only the best people available, and for this reason, we put a lot of effort into our recruiting process. As a company, we use a Performance-Based Recruiting Method that involves drafting comprehensive job descriptions to properly detail the requirements of each outsourcing position and a comprehensive interviewing process backed by technical tests and reference checking.

In addition to recruiting the right candidates, one of the best and most rewarding methods for finding the right people is to develop the people we have internally. As a company, we put a lot of emphasis on employee retention and training, as in the long run, this helps us achieve the high performance we demand and gives us the ability to adapt and respond to our customers’ needs.

EIRE Systems Tactical Business IT Support Service can provide engineering expertise in the following areas:

Managed Services for Your Business Needs

Managed Services simplify the management of IT department functions and facilitate the ongoing alignment of the IT infrastructure with your overall business strategy.

Using Managed Services ensures that you receive predictable levels of support on an “as needed” basis, without worrying about headcount. With our Helpdesk Support or MAC Support services, as your business evolves we can tailor your IT support needs to best suit your changing business requirements, leaving you to focus your attention on your business and not on IT needs.

Our Helpdesk Support services allow you to take a more strategic, long-term approach to your firm’s technology needs while knowing that your employees support issues are being dealt with in an efficient, timely, and professional manner. Our Helpdesk Technical Support team can also provide you with the statistics you need to identify recurring faults, giving you the opportunity to improve the efficiency of your support services by eliminating such problems through technology improvements, user training, or changes in your user support structure.

For your business as usual Moves, Adds and Changes (MACs) we can provide Onsite Move Coordinators to gather all required move information and coordinate all IT and non-IT entities for the smooth execution of your MACs. EIRE Systems Onsite Move Coordinators are backed up by a pool of offsite technicians that are available ad-hoc to execute each MAC.

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Small-to-Medium Enterprise (SME) IT Support

In addition to our cost-effective on-site support services, EIRE Systems in-house engineers also provide an integrated support product for small business to mid-sized businesses. It consists primarily of baseline remote support, supplemented by follow-up on-site services available on a per-call basis. Available IT solution services include:

  • Site equipment surveys and systems documentation
  • Hardware and software procurement
  • Network and Wi-Fi design and implementation

  • Server and Cloud installation, configuration, and testing

  • Client workstation/laptop build, configuration, and testing
  • Telecoms installation management
  • IT Network Security service solutions (firewalls/encryption cards) installation and penetration testing

  • Cybersecurity consultation

EIRE Systems provides IT technical support to well over 100 SME companies across the APAC region in this way.

An Entire IT Infrastructure Solution for Small, Medium and Large Scale Enterprises

An Entire IT Infrastructure Solution for Small and Medium Businesses

Level up your company’s online reputation, boost productivity, and foster growth with the expertise of our outsourced IT support company. Get in touch with EIRE Systems, the leading professional IT services today, to get started.

Our managed IT service solutions can help your company level up its online reputation, improve productivity and grow. Get in touch with EIRE Systems today to get started.