Your Asia Pacific manufacturing business likely faces unique challenges when it comes to your IT networks. While many industries have basic needs that require providing desktop and network support and security, many manufacturing companies also have internal processes and automation connected with the Internet of Things (IoT), which need special handling in terms of IT support. Fortunately, EIRE Systems has your manufacturing company covered with IT support solutions. We ensure smooth data delivery, communications and operational security to keep manufacturing companies in Japan, Singapore and Hong Kong, well-protected and running optimally.

Why the Manufacturing Industry Needs IT Support

One of the main reasons IT services for manufacturing are so important is that they ensure your staff has time to do what they do best rather than spending their time on maintaining systems they may not fully understand. Additionally, as your manufacturing firm grows, managed IT services from EIRE Systems can help with scalability as you expand operations into new factories, creating standardized processes for everything from product data management and computer-aided engineering to mobile device management and network security.

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Types of IT Support Services for Manufacturing Companies

Whether your manufacturing process requires the latest technology solutions or you operate legacy systems and just desire managed services and security monitoring for customer-facing departments, EIRE Systems has managed IT services and enterprise resource planning options suitable for your needs. Our high-level IT support services utilize remote access to help you stay up to date with the demands of Big Data and maintain your infrastructure without the expense of having in-house staff. These are some of the most common ways our consulting services help manufacturing firms better serve customer demands.

Network Security

Prevent data theft that may compromise your technology base and intellectual property with help from EIRE Systems. Data breaches can threaten manufacturing companies’ confidential information, which can damage your firm’s operations and its reputation. Our comprehensive security monitoring reduces the risk of data intrusion and cyber-threats that can compromise your clients’ information and protects your IT systems from malware and hackers. Likewise, we monitor and maintain manufacturing businesses’ systems so they’re constantly updated with the latest patches to reduce potential IT infrastructure vulnerabilities and ensure peak performance in your work processes.

Cloud Solutions

Let EIRE Systems help you identify and deploy cloud solutions to streamline data storage for your manufacturing operations across multiple facilities. With private, public and hybrid options that leverage your existing servers with cloud solutions, our consulting services for the manufacturing industry can help you create a dynamic data delivery system that keeps manufacturing processes in every one of your factories operating in a uniform fashion. No matter how complex your needs, we work with your manufacturing business to craft configurations that keep your data safe and accessible to everyone in your organization who needs it.

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Project Management

Get the help you need with special projects by using EIRE Systems IT consulting services. A member of the Project Management Institute (PMI) and BISCI, we employ highly trained technicians who are well-versed in project management methodologies and excel at data center and infrastructure design and deployment to better serve manufacturers who want to upgrade their businesses and stay relevant in an ever-changing technology environment. During the work process, we coordinate with vendors and manage their input, all while documenting every aspect of the data center build, office or plant relocation to ensure compliance with regulations. Likewise, EIRE Systems performs these tasks while sticking to your budget and controlling costs so you know exactly what you’re paying for when outsourcing your IT solution to us.

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Network Design

Take connectivity within facilities to the next level with Wi-Fi network design services for manufacturing companies in the Asia Pacific region by EIRE Systems. If your manufacturing firm’s IT environment involves numerous pieces of machinery connected to the Internet, you may need a specialized network that focuses strongly on speed to keep productivity levels high, with the security to prevent disruption from outside actors. Our managed IT services provide both these and more, including the setup of guest Wi-Fi networks to keep visitors to your manufacturing firm well-connected while simultaneously keeping them off the network and out of the data center used to maintain the peak performance on your shop floor.

IT Tech Support

Make sure your employees have access to top-notch tech support should things go sideways. If your Asia Pacific manufacturing firm operates in remote locations, you likewise need tech support dispatched to these locations. Using managed IT services providers like EIRE Systems helps when computer-aided manufacturing processes have issues and no one is on-site to fix them. Our technology solutions keep your costs down while maintaining your infrastructure.

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IT Concierge Services

Give your Asia Pacific regional business the advantage with IT concierge services from EIRE System. With experience in everything from protecting your confidential information to helping you plan product life cycle management, our information technology firm assists small businesses in the manufacturing industry with virtually everything they need to support their manufacturing operations. We help manufacturing firms choose the best data center options, secure their networks, train workers and deploy tech resources. For added peace of mind, EIRE Systems managed IT services also help your manufacturing company with disaster recovery and business continuity planning.

Why Choose EIRE Systems for Manufacturing IT Support?

When you want versatile yet premium managed IT services, EIRE Systems is your go-to choice in Japan, Singapore and Hong Kong. We’ve been serving clients since 1996, providing top-notch project management and IT services for numerous satisfied clients in the Asia Pacific region. Our experience with the data compliance requirements of an IT environment for the healthcare industry makes EIRE Systems particularly well suited to the manufacturing industry due to similar customer demands for IT services, compliance requirements and confidential data handling.

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