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Keep your company operating at top capacity and optimize your Information Security Policies (ISP) with a comprehensive security suite from EIRE Systems. Stop threats in their tracks, preventing your crucial data from being compromised while protecting your clients’ privacy. Proactive security measures can mean the difference between success and failure, so reach out to EIRE Systems for a security analysis today.

IT Security Service in the Asia-Pacific Region

When you need commercial security operations in Hong Kong, China, Japan or Singapore, EIRE Systems can help. We offer the highest level cybersecurity services and rapid incident response protocols to keep your system running smoothly and:

Improve and maintain compliance with local, global, and internal security policies

Facilitate secure communication
with email security services

Allow employees safe access to external information with web application scanning and added intrusion detection and response

Ensure ongoing protection with scheduled security assessments and penetration testing

The recently released Asia/Pacific (excluding Japan) Security and Trust Study 2022 shows that cybersecurity has become a prime point of focus for senior management, with 69% of CEOs participating in cybersecurity decisions at least biweekly. This management overhead can lower productivity for your company, as poorly defined roles can lead to specialists being given inappropriate assignments that detract from their true talents.

Using an expert cybersecurity team such as EIRE Systems means freeing up your senior management to focus on your business, not the security of your company’s data and operations. Maintain the highest productivity standards alongside stellar security policies with EIRE Systems cybersecurity experts at your side.

Top 5 Security Services

Dynamic IT/OT security packages take a multipronged approach to risk management. They offer five basic security features:

Supported by several cryptographic and non-cryptographic technologies, including software tools, our certified information tech (IT) and operational tech (OT) experts can identify and mitigate threats using comprehensive strategies and state-of-the-art cybersecurity operations technology.

 IT specialist monitors system and network as part of EIRE Systems IT security services

Improve Your Security Posture

The technology landscape is constantly evolving, from IoT’s rise to the adoption of the SaaS platform over conventional internal applications. Many companies adopt technology but still lack guidance or support from IT, information security, purchasing, and risk specialists. As a managed security provider, we are our clients’ trusted partner, reducing risk and data breaches. We provide advanced knowledge and solutions for current threat landscapes with deep expertise in risk mitigation, critical assets and their ideal security policy and overall security management.

Faced with ever-changing security threats, it’s important to ensure your data is protected from threats at every angle. Among the existing security threats, 2023 has seen a new wave of particularly problematic issues arising at industrial levels.

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Not only do cyber threats around data use continue to be troubling, but blended IT and OT systems have created new vulnerabilities to exploit. A skilled hacker can now tap into your operational tools and manage controls externally to disrupt your operations. This has been seen increasingly transnationally, with energy grids and nuclear reactors being hacked at different times and interfering with countries’ national security.

Only a combination of constant monitoring and a dynamic team of technological security experts can help ensure your company’s ongoing safety. With a security operations center (SOC) by EIRE Systems, you can focus on your primary duties knowing you have guards standing by 24/7 to protect your valuable information.

IT Security Policies

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Information Security Policies

With the ever-growing threat of security hacks, cyber threats and data theft, organizations are giving more and more priority to the development of information security policies. Protecting your information from cyber attacks, whether it’s personal data, client data or company, know-how is crucial to the long-term success of your business. A lack of clarity in Information Security Policies (ISP) can lead to catastrophic consequences for your business.

EIRE Systems can help you build and maintain your Information Security Policies.

An organization’s Information Security Policy (ISP) should define its position relating to security risks that must be controlled within its organization, in line with the business’s appetite for risk. This policy will ultimately determine a company’s investment in its IT security controls.

Drafting an ISP requires not only the ability to write policies but also a thorough understanding of IT security. It’s one thing to know how IT security technology is implemented, however knowing how to write policy documents with written sets of enforceable rules that can be followed by all members of your organization, from senior managers to frontline sales personnel, is a skill in itself.

Successful ISPs can only be drafted through a process of consultation and iteration, including key members of your organization before a final sustainable policy position can be drafted. If you cannot define your processes, then you cannot define your policy.

As part of writing your ISP, it is necessary to understand the potential risks to your business. A risk can be any potential occurrence that would have an adverse impact on your business and could include a system failure, with loss of business due to reputational damage etc.

To identify a company’s risks, a Risk Assessment needs to be conducted and will establish and maintain a security risk criteria that will categorize risks into Low, Medium, and High.

Anything considered a Low risk may be acceptable and may not warrant further intervention unless it is low cost to do so. Risks that are High or Medium should have procedures in place to mitigate against them, and have comparative ratings assigned to them to define which should be given higher priority or justify a larger investment.

As part of the Risk Assessment analysis of risks will:
  • document the consequences of each risk if it would occur,
  • determine the likelihood of the risk occurring, and
  • assign a level to each risk.

Having analyzed your risks, working with management a priority can be assigned to each risk, and an action plan put in place so that specific IT security controls can be implemented to protect against such risks.

EIRE Systems has both the policy and IT security expertise to draft your IT Security Policy (ISP).

If you would like to know more about how we can help you specifically, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Vulnerability Management & Penetration Testing

Web, Data, Email, and Cloud Security


Forcepoint is a global leader in unified Web, data, and email content security, and is used by tens of thousands of organizations around the world.

Using Forcepoint EIRE Systems can provide your organization with a platform for Web Security, Email Security, Data Security, protecting your authorized users, networks, and data in the cloud, on the road, and in the office.

Forcepoint can be used to automate routing security tasks, allowing you to concentrate on your business

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Forcepoint’s Data Loss Protection (DLP) delivers contextual behavioral monitoring for Office 365, Azure and more to stop data loss across your organization.

Forcepoint’s Insider Threat prevents insider-based data loss and exposes other insider threats, such as fraudulent transactions or cyber sabotage, by focusing on your users’ behavior with data.

Forcepoint allows system administrators to block access to websites and other protocols based on categories.

Managed IT Security Services

Between the increased capabilities of hackers given new communications technology and the increasingly elaborate global and local regulations, it can be difficult to determine the best course of action for your IT/OT needs. We offer customized security assessment tools to diagnose a variety of security problems. The service range includes:

  • Penetration testing of your network infrastructure with Rapid7 vulnerability management and compliance systems
  • Nexpose vulnerability management systems to identify weaknesses in your current infrastructure and prepare your systems for upcoming threats
  • Incident risk and response management
  • Forcepoint unified web, data and email content security services to protect your authorized users and any data within your cloud network

Speak with an IT security specialist from EIRE to figure out the best security tools for your operations.

Concierge IT and Cybersecurity Services

With help from our knowledgeable IT specialists, your team can thrive without worrying about emerging cybersecurity threats, such as:

  • SQL injection attacks
  • Denial of service (DoS) attacks
  • Cross-site scripting (XSS)
  • Malware
  • Insider threats and other emerging security threats

Our cybersecurity analysts work tirelessly to spot and interrupt threats before they ever cause damage to your company’s infrastructure. As your company grows and technology evolves, we can keep your infrastructure continually updated and ready to face the next cybersecurity threat. Concierge IT experts from EIRE can work with your team and system to guide you in the best practices that companies need to implement today to maintain optimum security standards and compliance.

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EIRE Security Solutions

EIRE Systems, a leading IT services provider, has completed multiple large-scale security projects in the past 20 years. We’ve worked with a long list of satisfied clients across sectors such as retail, medical, and manufacturing industries, among others. Whatever business you’re in, we can provide business cloud solutions, IT/OT security services, consulting and management and IT support. We also offer comprehensive IT concierge services and Wi-Fi design services.

Reach out for a quote and speak to a network security expertise pro who can help you design a comprehensive managed detection and response system for your company. We have offices in Shanghai, Tokyo, Hong Kong and Singapore to offer regional, global and local services to your Asia-Pacific business.

Contact Our IT Security Team

Whether you’re looking to develop all-new IT security protocols, want to put systems in place that appropriately integrate technology or people, or need to update failing security systems, our IT security services experts are here to help you.