Maintain competitiveness by letting EIRE Systems handle your IT solutions for retail in Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong and across APAC. While many business models keep retail IT services in-house, this practice can lead to stagnation in operations or your company paying more than it should when it needs a digital transformation and wishes to utilize cutting-edge technologies like adding your retail store to a mobile app. Our IT solutions for retail protect customer information, help bolster the reliability of your supply chain and keep your company on a budget to minimize waste.

As new technologies emerge such as artificial intelligence, retail IT solutions change along with them — including the need to stay up to date on how hackers might breach your data and sales infrastructure. This paradigm shift in business models emphasizes the importance of having skilled professionals on deck who can handle the infrastructure challenges to ensure your digital transformation goes smoothly and technology capabilities remain high. Our technology processes and retail IT solutions help upgrade your operations performance, improve agility for your business, and ensure customers always have access to your services or wares with around the clock maintenance of your digital retailer footprint.

Discover how EIRE Systems can help boost your business’s growth and customers’ retail experience (potentially increasing consumer spending) while streamlining your retail IT services. We assist leading retailers in Asia in numerous ways, and we can create a solution for you as well. Fill out our contact form for more information about our retail solutions.

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IT Support and Maintenance for the Retail Industry

Create reliable infrastructure that leverages cutting-edge technologies and innovation with help from EIRE Systems. Our IT support and maintenance options for the retail industry provide high-level expertise with around the clock availability for our clients. The benefits of using our retail solutions include lower costs than keeping an IT staff in-house plus a fixed monthly price for predictable billing. Our skilled professionals stay on top of their training as well, providing access to the latest technology for your business, such as artificial intelligence. Our retail sector solutions also scale up and down, depending on the needs of your business operations, for added flexibility.


When you choose EIRE Systems, you pick the retail IT services you need based on your market and infrastructure needs. The retail IT and maintenance plans include:

  • Fully managed IT solutions for retailers
  • Technology support that’s available around the clock
  • Disaster recovery and data backups
  • Management for in-house Internet service
  • Advanced network monitoring

IT Security Solutions for Complex Supply Chains

Increase agility for complex supply chains with IT security solutions for retailers from EIRE Systems. With so much data flying around as you purchase for your business and customers purchase from your business, companies require top-notch security. Mobile apps often increase consumer spending, but they also have the potential to leave your business vulnerable to data intrusion and theft. Retailers in Asia, however, can count on our IT security solutions for retail establishments to shield that data from hackers. With that in mind, we offer our clients:

  • Security for their confidential data
  • Assistance with data integrity
  • Quick identification of potential threats
  • Smooth adoption of new technologies
  • Recovery after security and data breaches

In addition to helping your company ward off threats, we also aid you with compliance issues. Our skilled professionals assist you with building and maintaining information security policies to control your risks. You can even schedule a risk analysis that shows you the potential outcomes of successful data breaches, predicts the likelihood of such an occurrence, and highlight risk levels for each process. With that information, we tailor our approach to your business to better protect your customers and supply chain.

Cloud Computing Solutions for the Retail Industry

Connect all your retail storefronts with cloud computing solutions from EIRE Systems. Perfect for maintaining seamless loyalty programs across numerous physical locations, our retail solutions for digital transformation meet the challenges of the ever-changing technology landscape by creating a central repository for data, enabling easy employee access to customers’ information right when they need it. Some of our retail solutions for cloud computing include:

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  • Using software-defined networking (SDN) to free your company network from the limitations of hardware and location
  • Crafting cloud storage options that leverage software as a service (SaaS) and use cloud-based data centers instead of on-site servers
  • Leveraging the Internet of Things (IoT) to enable smooth interactions between clients, customers, and employees
  • Protecting mobile technology infrastructure with security services designed specifically for your managed cloud computing strategy

Wi-Fi Design for a Seamless Retail Experience

Bring your business capabilities firmly into the future with Wi-Fi network design from EIRE Systems. Not only important for connecting employees and point-of-sale (POS) terminals within your stores, Wi-Fi connectivity is also essential for customers who’ve come to expect free access from businesses they patronize. For instance, if you have a mobile app that offers special offers and discounts to those who sign up for loyalty programs, those customers need to access those services within your location.

Our robust retail solutions for Wi-Fi design take into account the number of devices required for operations and expand it to accommodate customers within your store. To help minimize waste during the process, our skilled professionals look at every aspect of your processes before designing your ideal Wi-Fi network. This includes analyzing your floor plans, surveying your site, and determining the amount of traffic to expect on your network. Once deployed, we test and validate the coverage and performance to ensure your needs are met.

As an Ekahau Reseller (, our trained engineers can design, troubleshoot and maintain your Wi-Fi network allowing for a seamless retail experience.

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Concierge Services and Retail Industry Solutions

Let EIRE Systems create a solution to technology challenges facing your smaller business with our IT concierge services. Even if you only have a single store in Japan, Singapore, or Hong Kong, our IT solutions for retail can assist you with everything from securing your supply chain and handling a digital transformation to choosing a data center and maintaining network security. Additionally, we help foster companies’ growth and improve the retail experience for consumers and employees alike by training your workers to use new technology.

Project Management for Retail Business Operations

Take the stress out of big projects by using EIRE Systems to handle the heavy lifting. Whether you need your store (and servers) moved to a new location, a digital transformation requiring a new data center build, or assistance with business continuity planning, we have you covered with solutions tailored specifically to the retail industry. As the future marches on, market factors change, along with the demand for cutting-edge technology, so we help retailers stay on top of this paradigm shift with project management and consulting options.

When we relocate your business or design a new data center, we do it on a budget with clear-cut planning and coordination. We also provide you with all the documentation and schematics you need to maintain those processes in the future and do all the due diligence work for you for extra peace of mind. Likewise, our business continuity planning offers a safety net against loss of sales in your digital network by ensuring fast disaster recovery. Our retail IT services in this regard include:

  • Helping you create a business continuity plan and disaster recovery policy
  • Developing and organizing an IT strategy specifically for retailers’ stores
  • Providing a solution when outages, disasters, and data breaches occur
  • Testing IT capabilities and training employees in BCP/DR established policies

Professional Retail IT Service Providers

Innovation comes with new challenges, but the rewards of making a digital transformation and moving your business into the future make those challenges worth it. With assistance from EIRE Systems, you can have a fully managed retail IT plan for your business that helps retailers retain a competitive edge and easily handle any new technology challenges going forward. Fill out our contact form to find out how EIRE Systems, the best IT services company, can help your store or stores with protection and growth.

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