IT Concierge concept imageA successful approach to technology for small businesses is all about the personal touch. In an upscale hotel, you get the personal touch from a concierge — a staff member who’s there to solve problems for you and make sure your needs are provided for. An IT concierge service brings together a dedicated team of tech experts to provide that kind of support for your business.

What Is an IT Concierge?

It’s a common struggle for small businesses to get out of just keeping up with the current moment of IT and genuinely start planning and building for the future. That’s where our IT concierge services come in. Our concierge service is focused on building a long-term relationship with companies and their executives, with a dedicated team to provide full-spectrum planning and support for your IT efforts.

IT concierge services handle a wide range of needs and provide remote support for clients around the world, collaborating with leading partners in the digital space to tailor practical solutions for your business. The objective is fast and efficient problem-solving that lets you focus on meeting your goals and running your company.

Services Provided by an IT Concierge

An IT concierge team can help your company cope with tech-related challenges including:

  • Choosing a data center service
  • Small business project management
  • Security solutions and network protection
  • Personnel management and employee training
  • Strategic planning for tech resources

These are just a few examples of how a dedicated IT concierge team can help take your business to the next level. Let’s look at each of them in more detail.

Finding the Perfect Data Center Solution

With the expertise to assess possibilities across multiple platforms — including Windows, Linux, macOS and VMWare — your IT concierge team can help you with the difficult process of choosing a data center solution for your business.

While building your own on-site center is a prohibitive expense for most small businesses, it’s possible to buy in to services that can help you to scale your computer resources and data storage while enjoying the ability to connect to your data from mobile devices and desktop computers alike. The tricky part is being able to assess which options really deliver what they promise in terms of connectivity and security, and which are the best value for money.

An IT concierge team can help you evaluate the choices available to you, make the best call for the future of your company and enjoy the better computing and storage options going forward as you build toward a strategic IT plan.

Network cables in a data center

Integrating Your IT Concierge Into Small Business Projects

When you’re managing a tech-related project for a small business or a start-up — or for that matter, any sales or marketing campaign, product release or staffing process that needs to be informed by sophisticated machine-learning or AI tools — bringing an expert IT concierge team into the loop can help you succeed. It’s not uncommon to get expert advice in the first stages of bringing your main workforce, the first end users for your systems, into your organization.

Your concierge experts can help you avoid common pitfalls for these kinds of small-scale projects. They can advise you on how to integrate the needed changes across your emerging company structure, get buy-in from all the needed stakeholders, and streamline your management and information-sharing processes.

Secure Your Network and Key Data

Security is a crucial watchword of modern business. It’s all about building the knowledge needed to avoid the latest phishing scam, creating a culture of professionalism at your company that values best practices for online and in-house security and, in general, making sure your company is positioned for safe business practices in the ever-fluctuating landscape of the digital economy. An expert concierge team can advise and guide you through every step of this process.

Modernized Personnel Management and Training

As with just about every sector of business, managing and training your workforce demands smart solutions for a company that wants to stay competitive. A concierge team can help you pick the right software for your personnel databases and modernize your employee training for the modern IT environment.

Big-Picture Planning for Technology Solutions

IT concierge services concept imageIn the big picture, for IT to be an enabling force in your business, rather than a frustration for your users, having an IT concierge you can depend on will help deliver your success in the future.

The difficulty for many executives in using IT to drive their business is understandable. Many entrepreneurs don’t come from tech backgrounds and have more than enough on their plates in staying abreast of their core business without having to dig deep into the digital space. That can sometimes lead to companies where the IT practices and processes that need to be at the heart of a modern business can become an afterthought.

The good news is that a well-run IT concierge can help you close that gap in the planning process and head off problems before they become issues. With your dedicated team of experts to keep you informed and up to date as you put your game plan together, you can create a company culture that values tech literacy and best practices from day one.

IT Concierge Services for the Long Term

Dealing with tech can be a sink-or-swim process for any company that’s just starting out. Fortunately, the great service and solutions an IT concierge team can offer can remove much of the stress, pressure, and uncertainty from planning and executing your vision.

A long-term relationship with your expert IT concierge team can make all the difference in preparing your small business for the realities of the modern marketplace. EIRE Systems offers IT concierge services in Hong Kong, Tokyo, and Shanghai. Contact EIRE Systems today to find out more.