What Are the Most Common Computer Problems?

Almost all modern business operations rely heavily on computer use. While technological advances have given modern businesses some of the fastest, most versatile, reliable and accurate computers, even the most expensive computing systems don't run [...]

What Is a Firmware Update?

Is your device experiencing glitches and bugs? If so, it might be time for a firmware update. Updating firmware can fix technological problems, improve security and provide new features. Let's take a closer look at [...]

What Is the 3-2-1 Backup Rule?

If data protection is top of mind for your organization, you may have heard about the 3-2-1 backup rule. This backup strategy is essential to intelligent business operations that help with data recovery in a [...]

What Is a Disaster Recovery Plan?

Disaster can strike at any time and it can affect your business. You may ask, what is a disaster recovery plan and how it can protect your business. In the world of information technology (IT), [...]

How to Protect Your Business From Ransomware

Many ransomware attacks are preventable, but they're on the rise due to businesses underestimating the urgency of implementing robust security solutions. What's more, there are more ransomware groups than ever thanks to the huge [...]

How Do Hackers Get Your Information?

In 2021, victims of hackers and other criminals lost $6.9 billion due to identity theft, online scams and data breach incidents, according to the FBI's Internet Crime Complaint Center. With data breaches and cybercrimes becoming [...]

Do I Need a Server for My Business?

Keeping up with technological standards is necessary for most businesses to stay competitive, so you may have found yourself wondering, "Do I need a server for my business?" The answer to that question depends [...]

What Is the Difference Between WiFi and Ethernet?

Wi-Fi and Ethernet connections are the two main ways businesses can gain internet access. So, what is the difference between WiFi and ethernet? Wi-Fi, an abbreviation for wireless fidelity, uses radio waves to facilitate high-speed [...]

How Slow Internet Affects Business

Internet speeds have certainly improved since the days of using Netscape and Windows 3.1, but if your connection is slower than it should be, your business can suffer some serious consequences. A slow internet [...]

Cloud Backup vs Local Backup

Choosing to back up data for your organization creates a safety net in the event of data loss or a natural disaster destroying vital servers. The two main ways to back up files are [...]

How to Secure Business Wi-Fi?

Implementing a wireless network to give your teams Wi-Fi access has become crucial for businesses looking to increase productivity. A business network acts as a separate network from those a guest can access. Protecting [...]

What to Do If You Get a Phishing Email

Receiving a phishing email can be a little intimidating, to say the least. Does someone have your personal information? Are you at risk of something more nefarious? What should you do? Thankfully, phishing attacks [...]

7 Benefits of Hybrid Cloud Architecture

Cloud computing has changed the way modern companies do business. As companies make the shift to the cloud, however, they tend to be left with a collection of off-site solutions and legacy on-premises systems. [...]

How Many Wi-Fi Devices Is Too Many?

Are you concerned about your network performance or security due to the number of connected devices causing a detrimental network load? Are you wondering how many Wi-Fi devices is too many on your network? Read [...]

Why Password Security Is Important

Hackers know about notoriously easy passwords like "password" and "1234." When they attempt an account breach, those are the first passwords they try — and if you don't have good password security, you could lose [...]

How To Prevent Data Loss in a Company

Data security is becoming increasingly more important with every year that passes. As digital transformation takes hold, practically every company holds sensitive data about customers, employees and vendors. Not only can data breaches allow hackers [...]

What Is an MSP?

In the IT world, a managed service provider MSP is a company that provides ongoing support services, eliminating the need to hire additional personnel. But what is an MSP? This guide provides an overview of [...]

5 Best Practices for Guest WiFi Networks

These days, reliable internet access is a must for nearly every kind of business. But it’s not just for employees. Providing reliable Wi-Fi access to people visiting your office isn’t just expected, it’s often necessary. [...]

Business Benefits of Hybrid Cloud

Virtualization and the spread of multiple service platforms have revolutionized technology and how it's used in business. Where organizations previously confined their data and computing activities to private, often on-site data centers, virtualized platforms have [...]

Key Steps in a Data Migration Strategy

Data migration in the days of paper filing systems was a physically strenuous but relatively simple proposition, a matter of transferring records from one location to another. It's different in the age of big data. [...]

Why Data Security Is Important for Business

As tools like the internet, cloud computing, fifth-generation wireless technology and artificial intelligence come of age to form the modern digital landscape, more and more businesses depend on their relationship with data. Remote work has [...]

The Importance of an Enterprise Cloud Strategy

The cloud-first approach to IT is becoming increasingly popular as a paradigm for guiding companies through digital transformation in order to reap the benefits of cloud solutions. However, for many companies, a cohesive sense of [...]

The Future of AI in Customer Service

Human customer service has its limitations. Artificial intelligence is quickly changing the landscape as AI technology becomes more efficient at performing functions that were traditionally handled by human beings. More service functions than ever before [...]

Technology Revolution in Project Management

It's impossible to ignore the exponential changes that have occurred since the advent of global interconnectivity. Humans and technology have formed a symbiotic relationship that's driving unprecedented levels of change, with technology such as artificial [...]

How COVID Is Affecting the Security Landscape

The COVID-19 pandemic has had implications on how many companies do business. Many workers who'd never worked from home now prefer the flexibility that remote work provides. With the expansion of work-from-home opportunities has come [...]

Green Information Technology Initiatives

Green IT initiatives have been a growing trend in the corporate world over the past decade. As public awareness about the importance of using alternative energy sources to conserve energy and promote environmental sustainability grows, [...]

5 Essentials in a Business Data Backup Strategy

As business becomes increasingly digitized, the urgency of a business data backup strategy continues to mount. Whether it’s ransomware, hackers or data lost to thieves or natural disasters, your trade secrets and customer database are [...]

On-Demand IT Support

Businesses in the modern economy often find themselves trying to do more with less. It isn’t always feasible, especially for a company in the start-up phase, to have technology solutions provided by an in-house team. [...]

How to Protect Against Phishing Attacks

Phishing attacks are targeted attacks performed by malicious actors to trick users into giving up personal information such as credit card details, passwords for social media accounts, user inboxes, online accounts and bank accounts. There [...]

How to Select the Best Managed Service Provider?

Competitive businesses understand how vital IT services are to their daily operations, but developing and maintaining an effective IT system can take significant resources. Large companies may have the capital to employ a full in-house [...]

In House Versus Outsourcing: Comparing Your IT Options

For most companies, IT integration is a necessary part of conducting business, and owners understand that getting the most out of their IT investment requires regular maintenance, reevaluation and technology upgrades when necessary. These requirements [...]

The Future of Project Management from 2021 to 2022

As a critical determining factor in the success or failure of any professional project, project management standards and techniques evolve rapidly with the emergence of new technology and changing standards. Strong project management professionals understand [...]

Wi-Fi Surveys Using Ekahau Software

When planning and managing your business network, conducting a Wi-Fi site survey is an important aspect of connection optimization. For a complete picture of your Wi-Fi needs and possible shortfalls, Ekahau leads the Wi-Fi site [...]

How to Perform a Vulnerability Assessment

Maintaining cybersecurity is a critical component of any business model, and most companies take steps to protect their proprietary and consumer data from cyberattacks. Traditionally, the evolution of cybersecurity has been reactionary, evolving in response [...]

8 Tech Support Best Practices

You've put in countless hours building your business to provide competitive value to your customers and crafting your brand to represent quality and dependability. Consumers who purchase your goods and services are satisfied with their [...]

Benefits of Managed IT Services

To be competitive in today’s world, companies of all sizes must invest in a robust IT network that streamlines their processes while providing additional value to the customer. Considering the continuous rapid evolution of new [...]

How to Scope an IT Project

Determining and knowing how to scope a project is a crucial element for effective project managers. This step provides a view of the project as a whole and offers the insight needed to meet project goals [...]

Importance of Communication in Project Management

Communication in project management in IT becomes the lifeblood of any project, keeping the project team engaged and focused, ensuring project goals and deadlines are met, and anticipating potential issues that could affect completion. Project [...]

Requirements for Cloud Computing SMB SME

Cloud computing requirements for SMBs and SMEs, these tools are giving them the power of a full data center without the need for on-premise management. Public cloud providers, such as Amazon AWS, IBM Cloud, Microsoft [...]

Maintaining IT Security While Working From Home

  Working from home is a growing option for many professionals. Eliminating the daily commute and working in a comfortable setting of your choosing can boost productivity and work satisfaction. These days, with a global pandemic raging and [...]

What Is Wi-Fi Direct?

. Standard Wireless network connections allow devices to receive information through an access point. Through Wi-Fi Direct, devices have the ability to bypass this process and connect to each other directly. When most [...]

Wi-Fi Aware and Its Benefits

Technology is making it easier than ever to share ideas and communicate with one another. Wireless connections have allowed individuals access to a wealth of knowledge at the tips of their fingers, only limited to [...]

It Infrastructure Checklist

Preparing to move into a new office space is an exciting time for business owners but can also be overwhelming when planning for the transition. Although office furniture, signage, stationery and other items can affect [...]

What Is a Collapsed Core Network?

When creating an enterprise campus network design, the two most common models used are the three-tier and two-tier layered models. The two-tier model is often considered the best option for small or medium campus networks [...]

5 Project Management Tools for Small Business

Project management is an important element for every successful business. Keeping track of your workflow, deadlines, productivity and anticipated issues can save your company time and money while clearly outlining the expectations of every member [...]

Home Cloud Computing

The threat of a global pandemic has forced many businesses to adapt by making arrangements for their employees to work from home. However, even before this professional disruption, working remotely had already begun to take [...]

Cloud-Based Backup Services for Small Businesses

Data security is a major concern for companies, but larger enterprises often have the resources to access elaborate, customized systems to protect and back up their information. For smaller businesses on a budget, options are [...]

Why is Multi-Factor Authentication Important

With data breaches continually on the rise in headlines and customers becoming more personally involved in the security of their information, most businesses already understand the importance of cybersecurity. Although cyberattacks on large corporations get [...]

5 Best Practices for Outsourcing IT Projects

For startups and small businesses that lack a fully staffed IT department, whether because of budget constrictions or minimal need, creating knowledgeable team members for an IT project can seem difficult. Outsourcing provides an excellent [...]

Importance of Project Management in Business

Staying within budget is a major concern for most SMBs, but project management is one area in which companies should never cut corners. Why is project management important for your business? Running a successful company [...]

Latest Trends in Managing Your Wi-Fi Network

As we edge closer to the middle of 2020, many businesses are taking time to assess the strength, efficiency and security of their Wi-Fi networks. With companies becoming more reliant on wireless technology, staying on [...]

Office Relocation Checklist for SMEs

You've worked hard to ensure the success of your SME, and now you find you've outgrown the facilities that gave you your start. Or perhaps you've discovered a new location that offers something more to [...]

Best Technology for SMEs in 2020

As a new year starts, this is a great time for SMEs to take a look at their current technology and assess whether it's time for an upgrade or to fill in some of the [...]

What Is Cloud Infrastructure? The Simple Answer

For businesses to stay competitive in today’s market, it’s important to invest in a cloud infrastructure that will serve as the backbone of your operation. For small and medium-sized enterprises, the time and expense required [...]

How SMBs Can Compete via SMB IT Outsourcing

Medium-sized or small business owners often must work on a budget and are sometimes forced to make hard decisions when prioritizing their company’s needs. Due to the IT skills shortage, and the general expense associated [...]

2019 Cybersecurity Trends

Every year, cybercriminals find new ways to breach security measures and gain access to sensitive company and consumer data. To maximize defense against these attacks, it's important to stay on top of the latest trends [...]

Digital Ethics and Privacy

The evolution of digital technology and its applications has pushed the nature of business to a point of transformation. TechCrunch has revealed that Gartner, a leading source of guidance and trend information in business, has [...]

Why Businesses in Japan Want Bilingual IT Support

For science and technology workers, bilingual skills are in big demand. Industry magazine Chemical and Engineering News quotes both employers and students delivering the same message: bilingual skills open doors. From chemical engineers to data [...]

The Top 10 Skills IT Project Managers Need

Project managers in IT live in a world of esoteric technologies, constant change and difficulty providing a value proposition to management. Project results are often not just the construction of a physical asset for the [...]

What are the Top Benefits of Cloud Solutions?

Cloud solutions – public, private and hybrid – add a valuable component to IT projects and budgets. They allow businesses to scale initial deployments to company-wide services without taking shipments of new servers. Cost control [...]

What to Look For in an IT Support Company

Imagine your conversation with an IT support services vendor. It might open with a discussion of the number of users, servers and locations, and proceed to coverage of applications and licenses, network types and speed [...]