Project Description

Case Study

EIRE Systems was selected to implement a cloud-based security solution for a global retail Chain. As part of this project, EIRE Systems provided the engineering manpower to implementing a “Forcepoint” ( Cloud Web Security Gateway, including:

  • Security policies setup
  • Building of server connects to Active Directory
  • Cloud environment buildout
  • System testing
  • User training

The project was completed over a period of 1.5 months and successfully handed over to client’s IT department.

Vulnerability Scanning & Penetrating Testing

EIRE Systems recently commenced working with Rapid 7 (, a company headquartered in Boston, providing Vulnerability Scanning and Penetration Testing services.

Using Rapid7’s service can uncover hidden network and application vulnerabilities, risky user behavior, asset misconfiguration, cloud service usage, IT operations issues, and more. The Rapid7 solution delivers advanced analytics that allows security, IT, and operational departments to collaborate effectively to analyze risk, detect attacks, prioritize remediation, measure the impact of their actions, and respond at the moment of impact.