Business Continuity Planning

EIRE Systems consultants have broad experience in executing BCP/DR projects

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Our BCP/DR projects are managed using a four-phase approach:

Phase 1 – Business Impact Analysis (BIA)

Ensures that the most cost-effective business continuity measures are introduced in line with defined business risks and activities.

Phase 2 – BCP and Alternative Recovery Site Plan

Consisting of the production of a Business Continuity Plan IT Requirements Report. The purpose of the report is to detail the IT systems necessary to translate the IT requirements described in the BIA into a desktop and machine room equipment requirement.

Phase 3 – DR Site Build

Following approval of the plans produced in Phase 2, a DR Site is built out. This phase requires the participation of local and possibly regional IT personnel. During this phase, third-party vendor proposals and pricing are vetted and compared to global pricing and current Service Level Agreements in order to implement the most cost-effective solution.

Phase 4 – DR Site Test

Following the DR Site Build phase, an associated test and training procedure is conducted for each business unit. The results from this testing and training will identify problems or issues and provide feedback required to update the BCP/DR procedures, roles, and responsibilities associated with the IT systems and support infrastructure.