Vulnerability Management

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Vulnerability and Threat Management

Using Nexpose from Rapid7, EIRE Systems offers Vulnerability Management Services for your enterprise networks, applications, operating systems, databases as well as web applications.

Vulnerability Management helps you to identify the security holes in your IT enterprise infrastructure that can be used during an attack and shows you how these holes can be seal before a breach occurs.

Nexpose from Rapid7 provides a fully functioned enterprise Vulnerability Management solution, that can be configured based on the frequency with which you wish to scan and report on your infrastructure, and allows you to integrate these scans into your BAU processes.

Nexpose can be easily deployed to scan your enterprise infrastructure and will quickly highlight the vulnerabilities that are most likely to be used in an attack, producing reports detailing the remediation you need to prioritize to maintain the security of your infrastructure.

Using Nexpose it is easy to automate scans to get the right information to the right people within your organization, whether that’s a CISO or a database administrator. You can automate the entire vulnerability management process from scanning to report distribution, and set up dynamic asset groups with granular filters to ensure that your team members get only the information relevant to them.

EIRE Systems also offers patching and other remediation to remove the vulnerabilities identified after scanning your infrastructure.

If you are interested in Vulnerability Management we can provide a Nexpose demonstration and/or proof of concept (POC).

Penetration Testing

Using Metasploit Pro from Rapid7, EIRE Systems offers Penetration Testing to enable you to respond to the changing threat landscape by identifying and understanding security holes that may exist in your enterprise IT infrastructure.

Attackers are always developing new exploits and attack methods. Metasploit Pro penetration testing software helps you use an attacker’s own weapons against them. Utilizing an ever-growing database of exploits, you can safely simulate real-world attacks on your network to train your security team to spot and stop real attacks.

Using Metasploit Pro our penetration testing service can simulate complex attacks against your systems and users, is a safe environment, so you can see what an attacker would do in a real attack against your systems.


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