Outsourcing your IT needs is an important decision that can have a significant impact on how well your business functions, so it’s necessary to choose your outsourcing location carefully. Although it may be tempting to simply go with the location that saves you the most money, security, quality and compatibility are all considerations that must be taken into account when selecting the area to source your IT technical support. For many companies, Singapore offers all the benefits a business should look for in a quality information technology outsourcing location. Here are the top five reasons Singapore should be on your IT support shortlist.

1. Singapore Is SMB-friendly

There are many benefits to setting up shop in Singapore, and companies across the world flock to register their companies within the sovereign city. This is advantageous to those who wish to outsource their IT support in Singapore because it supports continued economic strength and stability. As more businesses choose to invest in the city, it maintains the permanence of the site, reassuring companies that there will be little need for concern about relocation.

The ease with which businesses can conduct business in Singapore is also advantageous to offshore companies that are considering future expansion and want the option to work in close proximity to their outsourcing company. The system for setting up an enterprise within the city-state’s borders is simple and straightforward, designed to let business owners complete the process without ever leaving their computer. In addition, Singapore encourages foreign investment by offering a variety of grants and reimbursements, designed to support businesses in any stage of development, that are more robust than those found in other countries.

Finally, a thriving business economy ensures high standards for local technology by motivating companies in the region to stay on top of the latest technological trends in order to remain competitive. This means any support company located in Singapore is likely to offer the most advanced processes and systems, using state-of-the-art technologies.

2. Singapore’s Premium Location

The city’s location in the heart of the Asia-Pacific region makes it an ideal IT technical support choice for companies established in the area. Time zone conflicts are minimized for consumers and business partners in the region, letting your company conduct daily operations without extensive delays. Businesses on the other side of the globe may also find benefits from this location, giving them the option to have IT professionals easily perform system checks during off-hours to avoid service interruptions for their end users and customers.

Singapore also has the unique distinction of having one of the lowest natural disaster rates in the region. Although the city occasionally experiences issues with minor flooding, droughts, wildfires and storm activity, the impact of these events is minimal. This means business operations and data storage provided by information technology support companies in the area are unlikely to be affected by a major natural disaster. Further evidence of this is shown by the number of global data center providers, social media and technology companies who choose to invest in large scale IT infrastructure facilities in Singapore.  

3. Singapore Businesses Depend on Connections

The entire city-state of Singapore is run through a top-of-the-line telecommunications system that is supported by a robust  local regulatory environment. With Singapore known as a telecommunications world leader, much of the business conducted there depends on this cutting-edge telecommunications infrastructure. The ability to connect within the city and around the world is essential to maintaining the professional relationships that encourage a thriving market and to stay competitive on the world stage. This means businesses that choose to retain information technology support in Singapore can have confidence that databases will remain online and they will avoid internet connectivity issues.

This also sets the stage for easy communication between technical support staff and the companies that use them. With business dealings across the globe, most Singapore IT professionals are well trained in the language and customs of many countries, letting them work seamlessly alongside other members of your support staff.

4. Singapore’s Legal System Is Fair and Facilitates Company Growth

When outsourcing technical support, businesses should have working knowledge of the laws and regulations that govern the commercial operations within the area they choose. As a major business hub for the region, Singapore’s business regulations are designed to maximize the potential for company growth and sustain a thriving market. The city is known for being governed under a fair and transparent legal system, making it easy for multi-national companies to navigate, should the need arise.

The benefits the Singapore legal system offers to companies within its borders also ensure that any reputable services company established in the city is unlikely to experience pressure on the business due to overly strict business regulations. Companies that retain IT tech professionals from a Singapore location have the security of knowing they can work with their outsourcing partner company without unnecessary government intervention.

5. Singapore Is on the Cutting Edge of Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is a critical aspect of IT operational support, and business owners should always consider this factor when selecting an outsourced technical support location. Although most countries admit that cybersecurity is an important issue facing companies today, too few are taking the appropriate steps to ensure the advancement and development of security measures. Singapore has the distinction of having one of the most comprehensive cybersecurity programs, which is excellent news for those who wish to do business with companies in the city and need assurances their data will be safe.

The city hosts the area’s most respected established cybersecurity event, Singapore International Cyber Week (SICW). This event was created to allow industry experts and policymakers an opportunity to discuss the issues plaguing cybersecurity efforts and develop more effective means to anticipate, prevent and manage cyberattacks. SICW attracts government officials, academics and industry leaders from all over the world and includes events such as the GovernmentWare conference, ASEAN Ministerial Conference on Cybersecurity, SICW Cybersecurity Lecture and ASEAN Cybercrime Prosecutors’ Roundtable Meeting. The event supports the collaboration of all parties to ensure a safer cyberspace for all.

The city-state is also home to the Cyber Security Agency of Singapore (CSA), a national agency developed to focus on the rapidly evolving security needs of cyber operations. Focusing on strategy and the implementation of cybersecurity protocols, the agency offers outreach and education to the policymakers of governments and businesses around the globe, working to strengthen security in critical sectors, maintain a high standard of coordination and utilization for security measures and continue to develop a sophisticated and effective cybersecurity ecosystem. The CSA is managed by Singapore’s Ministry of Communications and Information and is considered part of the Prime Minister’s office.

Companies that are considering Singapore for their IT tech support can feel confident that the city-state is working hard to ensure the safety of their data and maintain the integrity of their systems. For business owners, that means cutting-edge security measures and a much lower chance they will experience losses in connectivity. With Singapore at the center of the cybersecurity push in the Asia-Pacific Region, IT professionals in the area have access to firsthand knowledge about the latest security developments.