2020 Year of TechnologyAs a new year starts, this is a great time for SMEs to take a look at their current technology and assess whether it’s time for an upgrade or to fill in some of the gaps. A new year brings new innovation, so it’s likely there are options on the market today that can help your organization improve efficiency, offer more positive customer experiences and aid in expanding your service. After reviewing the tech trends predicted to have maximum impact as we begin a new decade, here are the technologies that SMEs should focus on to stay competitive.

Artificial Intelligence and Automation

AI TextThe continued growth of AI and automation provides a wealth of opportunities for SMEs to improve their daily operations. Identifying processes that can be automated can allow your employees the time to focus their attention on professional areas that require a human touch. Incorporating AI and robotic process automation (RPA) used to feel out of reach for SMEs on a tight budget, but continuing advancements are making this technology more accessible than ever to smaller organizations.

With this technology, administrative tasks and data validation can be turned over to automated processes, ensuring your company is working from accurate information and all required paperwork is compliant while your staff focuses on building the personal relationships that keep your customers coming back.


This year will show a continued shift from reactive to proactive approaches when it comes to cybersecurity. Instead of responding to breaches as they come, SMEs have options to help anticipate possible weaknesses before they are exploited. Combined with the advancements of machine learning and AI, infrastructure and applications can be embedded with risk-identification algorithms and automated security response processes. This allows security issues to be addressed in real time, better securing your data and alerting you to possible problem areas. With IT security threats becoming more sophisticated, it’s important to ensure your SME is being proactive in response.

Hybrid Computing

Hybrid Cloud GraphicAlthough the concept of hybrid computing isn’t new, it’s definitely the trend for many businesses in today’s market. Combining the use of technology on the premises with the convenience of cloud computing gives your organization the advantage of flexibility and the convenience of remote access. By relying on cloud infrastructure, your organization can respond to changes that require IT adjustment in a matter of hours without the need to purchase new equipment. This reduces your overall costs and allows your organization to grow past the limitations of your current in-house technology. It can also provide your customers with a more positive experience, allowing them to access cloud applications that are less likely to experience outages.

Choosing Your Technology

Determining where you want your SME to go is the first step in figuring out the technology you need. Assess your future goals and see how AI, cloud computing and cybersecurity advancements can get you there. If you’re ready to take your IT needs to the next level, contact one of Eire Systems’ IT professionals today so we can help.

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