Staying within budget is a major concern for most SMBs, but project management is one area in which companies should never cut corners. Running a successful company requires the tracking of multiple processes and resources, so expert project management is critical to maintain work quality, meet deadlines and plan for future growth. If you haven’t fully invested in your project management needs, here are some of the benefits you might be missing.

Improve Efficiency

One of the most obvious benefits to a solid project management system is the impact on efficiency within your company. Whether you opt for project management software or can afford a dedicated project manager on your staff, you’ll find your projects completed in a more timely fashion and a reduction in waste of resources. Improved efficiency within your daily operations and special projects will save you time and money, and it can increase client satisfaction by ensuring all deadlines are met and their experience is consistent.

Greater Accountability

An important element of project management is accountability. Tasks are assigned to specific staff members with clear expectations on quality and deadlines. If an issue arises, it can be resolved quickly by determining who was responsible for any related tasks and addressing them directly to find out how the breakdown occurred. Because the project manager is at the head of any collaboration, there is less room for denying responsibility when a mistake is made and all resources are accounted for, saving you the time and effort needed to determine who or what needs correction.

Create a Realistic Plan for Growth

Most business owners have an idea of where they want their company to go in the future, and some may have solid business plans to reach those goals. Without strong project management systems in place, however, those aspirations may be missing the mark. A project manager can give you a realistic sense of your business’ current strengths and weaknesses, letting you know the areas that may be holding you back. It can also help with creating a logical timeline for meeting your business goals by clearly outlining the time and resources it takes to complete each step. This makes it easier to integrate future goals into daily activities because the expectations are clear, preventing you and the company from becoming overwhelmed. This improves your chances for success and allows you to see your progress in smaller, manageable tasks, keeping your focus forward and saving you from disappointment over unrealistic expectations.


Project management tools can be as simple or complex as you need them to be, from full project management teams on staff to a simple spreadsheet design that tracks who does which task and what resources they need. Whatever level you decide to implement, consider project management an investment in the success and future growth of your business.