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EIRE Systems, a cloud solutions provider in Hong Kong


EIRE Systems helps your organization align its technology to business strategy, no matter your needs.

IT Consulting and Management in Hong Kong

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Delivering IT Consulting Services in Hong Kong Since 2005

EIRE Systems, a leading provider of IT services, has earned a reputation for excellence by helping Hong Kong companies maximize their technology implementations for nearly 20 years. Our unparalleled IT consulting services in Hong Kong cover any and every technical aspect of your business strategy, from staffing to project management to engineering and support. We’re a premier global management consulting firm.

Our staff is composed of experienced professionals with the necessary skills to do what other Hong Kong consulting firms can’t. We understand our Hong Kong customers’ needs, and we exceed them. This is why they rely on us to help them improve their infrastructure, streamline their technology and enhance their projects — all while lowering costs and improving ROI. With proven expertise in myriad technology disciplines, we have the knowledge and experience to redefine your business’s approach to IT and exceed its expectations.

We use scalable technologies like cloud services and adaptable IT staffing to deliver the people and computing power businesses require. From consultancy, design, and project management through to build-out, we provide a single, direct connection for all your IT projects.

Hong Kong IT consulting services at work Our experts are your local Hong Kong office technical resources in a variety of areas, including:

  • On-site and remote IT support
  • Cybersecurity and risk management
  • Project management
  • Cloud solutions and architecture
  • Datacenter design and builds
  • Infrastructure design and builds

The Expertise Your Hong Kong Business Needs, In-House

From infrastructure to support to data center projects, EIRE Systems’ consulting and project management expertise is key to numerous organizations throughout Hong Kong. Our in-house professionals have helped countless customers see their complex technology projects reach timely and cost-effective completions.

  • In-house skills in networking, telecoms, device support, administration, Unix and more
  • Skilled network and server administrators
  • Expertise in systems and database design and administration
  • Dedicated help desk support teams and tiered technical support services

Proven Project Management Methodologies

The process of planning, implementing and monitoring IT projects is challenging. It requires individuals with advanced skills across many complex disciplines and talented project managers who understand those same complexities. Our Hong Kong infrastructure project management professionals handle the details so your team can focus on outcomes. Our vast expertise allows us to make sure your business’s projects are completed to spec, on time and on budget.

  • Expert project management methodologies and project documentation
  • Budgeting and cost control
  • EIRE Systems is a proud member of the Project Management Institute (PMI) and BICSI

Data Center and Site Management in Hong Kong

EIRE Systems is a one-stop consultation shop for all your Hong Kong technology needs. We can design, engineer, or overhaul your data center, refresh the technology in your business offices, integrate a hybrid cloud solution with your infrastructure, and everything in between. With EIRE Systems, there’s no need to coordinate multiple vendors — we cover it all.

  • Infrastructure and data center design and implementation
  • Site office management
  • Deliverable management
  • Vendor coordination and management
  • Cloud, networking and infrastructure

IT Consulting, Top to Bottom, End to End

At EIRE Systems, we plan, design, code, build and maintain customized information technology solutions that address the needs of your organization. Our solutions and services have the potential to impact a wide range of business processes, from top to bottom. We can see how every aspect of your business operates together and how they might function even more effectively by taking a comprehensive technology approach to your Hong Kong company.

EIRE Systems is one of the top consulting firms in Hong Kong, and we’re uniquely qualified to provide a full range of IT services. Our experienced, certified staff and commitment to customer service are second to none. So whether you need help with a new project or ongoing support for your existing systems, we’re here to ensure your success.

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Technology Design Consultation

EIRE Systems works in partnership with our clients to provide robust custom solutions. We design and build systems that enable true synergy across organizations, fostering connection and collaboration. Our Hong Kong technology design consultants have the skills and experience to help your business realize its potential and reach new heights.

We listen to the needs of our clients and design technology platforms, integrations, and infrastructure that impact real business problems and achieve real business goals.

  • Technology consultations, recommendations and reviews
  • Robust infrastructure project plans covering equipment placement, cable pathways and provisioning
  • Coordination for all IT requirements across procurement and installation
  • Detailed CAD renderings for data center layouts, cabling reticulation and more

Complete Build-Outs

We don’t just design your infrastructure and data center solution — we see it through from beginning to end. We have the industry expertise and experience to see your new technology initiative through to completion. We’ll work with you every step of the way to make sure your data center is designed, built and commissioned exactly as planned. And our project management experience in Hong Kong helps us keep things on track and on budget.

  • Coordination of all equipment installations with power, construction and other contractors
  • Production, monitoring and reporting of installation programs
  • Day-to-day monitoring of work in progress
  • Cost tracking and change management
  • Coordination and attendance of all site construction meetings

Technology Migrations and Refreshes

Many factors need to be considered when implementing a new migration strategy, and EIRE Systems can provide you with the answers. Deploying a clear migration and technology renewal strategy will enable your Hong Kong business to make technology decisions based on cost, your return on investment and the impact on your business. In short, a clear strategy will save you money, time and even customers.

  • Existing system migrations across product lines
  • Refreshes and upgrades to meet existing and future business needs
  • Robust documentation and migration strategies to help inform users and customers
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Hong Kong’s Premier IT Business Analysis

EIRE System’s multidisciplinary approach provides strategic clarity in terms of technology, physical infrastructure, and financial impact. We can create the ideal IT strategy for your company by analyzing your specific business objectives and implementing the most efficient technology solutions to achieve those objectives. We understand that no two businesses are alike, which is why we tailor our consultation services to be unique to every Hong Kong business.

Our experts will guide you through a step-by-step procedure that includes an evaluation of your long-term corporate goals, existing technology infrastructure, business procedures, service providers and contractor arrangements. The result is a clearly defined IT strategy with the most cost-effective and technologically feasible solution for your Hong Kong business.

IT Consulting Services in Hong Kong Covering Support to Infrastructure

Our specialty is your business’s technology. From strategy to staffing to successful project execution, we have the expertise and talent to align your IT needs with your business goals. Our IT consulting services will help you increase productivity, drive revenue, and lower costs. The end result is a more efficient and effective Hong Kong business operation.

  • Development of clear IT road maps that are aligned with business goals
  • Strategic planning for IT budgeting and resource allocation
  • Implementation of world-class IT practices and processes
  • Identification and selection of the most appropriate technology solutions
  • Project management and coordination of all related resources
  • Staff training and change management

EIRE Systems provides an array of world-class IT consulting services that will help your business achieve its goals. Whether it’s a small Hong Kong business or a multinational corporation, we have what it takes. We’re particularly strong in the following sectors:

  • Technology
  • Banking and corporate finance
  • Retail
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Hands Down, the Best Talent in Hong Kong

As a consulting firm, EIRE Systems owes its success to its stringent recruiting criteria, which include hiring the greatest architects, engineers and experts in the Hong Kong industry. EIRE Systems’ comprehensive hiring procedure ensures your projects and company reach new heights thanks to a staff of top-notch professionals with the expertise and talent to get the job done.

EIRE Systems places a significant premium on continued education among its experienced employees. Its dedication to continuing education ensures highly educated engineers and support personnel stay on the cutting edge of their disciplines. It also helps maintain low employee turnover, allowing us to provide even more value to your Hong Kong business through the synergetic collaboration of our brilliant team members.

Take Your Hong Kong Business to the Next Level

Success in technology and digital initiatives requires a combination of talent, expertise and forward-thinking strategy. When your Hong Kong firm chooses EIRE Systems as its consulting firm, you’re choosing one of the top consulting firms in Hong Kong. And you leverage our resources to take every facet of your technological approach to the next level. If you’re ready to experience the EIRE difference, get in touch with us today.

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Put EIRE Systems’
Technology Resources to Work.

Successful IT solutions are a combination of teamwork, knowledge, and foresight. With EIRE Systems, the leading IT services provider in Hong Kong, your company plus our resources make your business processes easier to achieve.