Technology is your business’s superpower. It enables you to reach new markets and serve clients you otherwise couldn’t. It streamlines operations through automation and artificial intelligence. And it enables near-instant communication across your entire organization.

But every door that technology opens requires a careful and measured approach to security. Implementing the proper cybersecurity strategies prevents malicious attacks and unauthorized access to your organization’s technology assets, including its computers, networks and data. It also maintains the integrity of sensitive data by blocking attacks and sophisticated hacks.

And it’s more important than ever to your business. Read on to learn more how our IT security in Hong Kong can help protect your business.

Hong Kong at night. IT security in Hong Kong is necessary for businesses.
IT security specialists in Hong Kong monitoring the systems to prevent network breach.

Why IT Security Matters?

Every business relies on the integrity and availability of the information it processes and produces. Whether it’s internal data to keep business processes moving or external customer information, keeping data safe and secure is what keeps businesses functioning.

And make no mistake, threats come from inside and outside business networks. Information systems are steadily growing more complex, and the data that traverses them needs appropriate protection. Businesses are more exposed than ever before:

  • Nearly all business information is electronic. There’s increasingly more of it, and businesses depend on it to function.
  • Cloud networks, social media and mobile devices mean data is accessible in more ways than ever before.
  • Threats continually evolve, making prevention and detection even more challenging.

Even things like ransomware can have a serious negative impact on operations. In fact, ransomware, attacks on infrastructure and mobile device malware are poised to be the three biggest threats in 2022. With these increasing vulnerabilities and evolving threats to infrastructure data integrity, organizations are looking more and more at company-wide security policies to help keep their businesses safe.

Strong IT Security Begins With Policies

Whether it’s internal company data or client information, the key to protecting an organization’s data from cyberattacks is clarity and expertise in information security policy. An ISP managed by an expert technology partner means the difference between business as usual and potential catastrophe.

EIRE Systems is that expert technology partner. We can help your business create and maintain an ISP that keeps your information safe and your Hong Kong business running smoothly.

EIRE’s Approach to Security Policies

Creating an IT Security Policy (ISP) is no easy task. It requires a thorough understanding of IT security and the underlying technologies and expertise in creating documents with enforceable rules that everyone in your organization can understand and follow, from senior management to salespeople.

Policies image concept. Strong IT security policy is needed to be followed at all times.

At EIRE, we draft successful ISPs through continuous consultation with key members of your business. We work to understand your internal processes and craft policies that adhere to those processes. Once we’ve successfully defined and recorded your processes, we craft a security policy that balances your operational requirements with your business’s risk tolerance.

Of course, this entire process involves a deep understanding of the potential risks your Hong Kong business faces. These risks could include individual system failures, loss of business due to harm caused by reputation damage and loss of productivity from compromised workstations, just to name a few.

How EIRE Assesses Your Risks

In identifying risks, EIRE conducts a risk assessment that establishes the necessary criteria categorized as low, medium and high risks. Generally, low risks are categorized as those deemed acceptable and don’t require attention unless it’s low-cost. Medium and high risks, on the other hand, have procedures in place that mitigate the possibility of them occurring while outlining ratings to define each one’s priority.

EIRE also conducts a risk analysis and will:

  • Assign a level to every risk
  • Outline the consequences of each risk, should it occur
  • Determine the likelihood that it will occur

A big part of security is knowing what to expect in terms of risk, and EIRE Systems has the knowledge and experience to draft policies that protect your business and keep running the way you expect them to.

IT specialists conducting a penetration test on the system to improve it.

Vulnerability and Penetration Testing on Every Layer

The IT professionals at EIRE Systems are also well-versed in the nuances of penetration testing. Our vulnerability management services mean you can rest assured knowing your enterprise networks, databases and applications stay in running order.

Our vulnerability management services help you pinpoint potential holes in your organization’s security. Bad actors are constantly on the lookout for such holes to exploit, and we can help identify and seal them before any breach occurs. This includes patching and other necessary remediations to completely remove the vulnerabilities we find.

Secure Your Systems, Email and Data With EIRE Systems

At EIRE, we partner with global software leaders to help your business leverage the very best in security, privacy and protection. One of those partners is Forcepoint, which EIRE uses to provide unified web, data and email content security. Our partnership enables us to provide cutting-edge security across:

  • Internet and email, including Office 365
  • Data and cloud platforms, including Azure
  • Networks and users, whether on-site or remote

We also provide insider-based data loss prevention while exposing other cyberthreats. By focusing on your users’ data behaviors, we can prevent threats such as cyber-sabotage and fraudulent transactions. And of course, our Forcepoint solution enables your IT administrators to block access to protocols and websites based on the categories you choose.

Digital padlock with data protection image concept. Protect your business with the best IT security here at EIRE System.

Partner With EIRE Systems to Keep Your Business Secure

Whether your business needs brand-new security policies built from the ground up or simply needs to test the efficacy of existing systems, EIRE Systems can help. We’re a leading provider of professional IT services in Hong Kong, Japan and throughout the Asia Pacific region. In business for over 25 years, we have a proven track record of expertise in IT security policies, penetration testing and network and cloud security. We’ll deliver the security your Hong Kong business needs to get ahead.