In today’s business environment, the security of your organization’s information systems is paramount. Never before has data been more important to success in business. Large or small, every business needs to prioritize the security of the information it handles.

But it’s no easy task. In simple terms, securing your business’s information entails preventing unwanted access, usage and disruption of sensitive information. In business terms, information security means:

  • Protecting your organization’s ability to function
  • Enabling continuous and safe operation of business applications
  • Protecting the information your business records and uses
  • Ensuring the operation of your business’s technology

This means that in interconnected environments with hundreds of devices accessing internal business records and external resources, safeguarding the integrity of company information is a tough job. And with cybersecurity concerns such as hackers, malicious code and denial-of-service attacks on the rise, ensuring your Singapore business’s security systems is more important than ever before.

Singapore skyline at night. IT security in Singapore
Opened padlock image concept for potential IT security threat.

The Potential Threats

Advances in technology mean that, while businesses benefit from the power of new tools, threats are more prescient than ever before. We’ve reached a point where almost all business information is electronic. For many organizations, this data is the lifeline of their operations. Without the complete integrity of their systems, their operations would cease.

Furthermore, countless technology platforms that businesses depend on mean critical business information is spread far and wide. Cloud operations, software-as-a-service and even social networking all present their own unique security risks that simply can’t be ignored.

And these are simply passive threats. Businesses with systems targeted by hackers and other bad actors are faced with a plethora of ever-evolving attacks, with the scale of these attacks only matched by their sophistication. It’s no wonder Singapore businesses are taking a closer look at managed services and other technology partners to help keep their operations running smoothly.

The Importance of Security Policies

At EIRE Systems, we know how important your business data is. Our decades of experience have taught us that all successful IT security starts with well-crafted information security policies, otherwise known as ISP.

Your business’s ISP is what determines everything from the risks your Singapore business faces to the type of equipment you should use based on your operations. It also lays the groundwork, in simple terms, for how the people within your organization access your networks and systems. Considering that 95% of cybersecurity breaches lead back to human error, this is of utmost importance.

But it’s no simple task. Deep knowledge of information systems and the underlying technology aside, it also requires expertise in drafting documentation with enforceable rules that everyone in the organization can understand.

Security policy image concept. IT security policy is important for the business to prevent any breach.

At EIRE Systems, we start with an ongoing consultation process with key members of your Singapore business. We work with them to understand your unique systems and operations, and we determine how security and potential threats impact your business on both a micro and a macro level. Once we have clarity on your business operations and the technology they rely on, we create an ISP that balances how you do business with the level of risk you’re willing to tolerate.

The key variable in this process — the cybersecurity risks your business faces — is a process unto itself. Nearly half of all attacks are hacking attempts, but that doesn’t mean your Singapore business faces those same levels. You could be more vulnerable to malware or phishing attacks. Either way, understanding your specific risks is key to mitigating them.

IT manager checking servers to assess security risks.

How EIRE Assesses Your Risks

Interconnected information systems are complex. A big part of running tight information security is knowing what to expect in terms of risk. EIRE Systems has the expertise to assess your business’s exact risks and draft the policies that mitigate them. This translates to:

  • Determining risks and assigning risk levels
  • Outlining the result of each risk, should an event occur
  • Determining how likely it is to occur

Knowing your business’s specific risks require an in-depth risk assessment to establish risk criteria as well as the severity of each criterion. EIRE Systems’ risk assessment establishes risks based on low, medium and high severity, with low being acceptable risks, while medium and high risks require detailed procedures for mitigating and addressing each one.

Identifying Vulnerabilities and Penetration Testing

EIRE Systems’ expertise extends far beyond data integrity. Our years of experience in designing, building and maintaining enterprise environments means we know what it takes to create airtight information systems. Our vulnerability management services build on this expertise to help identify vulnerability and run penetration testing on:

  • Enterprise networks and systems
  • Databases
  • Applications

Hackers and even sophisticated software are always on the lookout for security holes to exploit. A single unpatched vulnerability can result in catastrophic consequences with untold costs. With EIRE’s vulnerability management services, you can locate and lock down any and all potential security holes before a worst-case scenario occurs at your Singapore business.

Enhance Your Business System Security With EIRE Systems

EIRE Systems leverages the very best in IT security solutions to provide our Singapore business partners with unparalleled protection and information systems integrity. Through these solutions, we provide a unified security front for your business systems that touch the internet, use email and access business data. This includes:

  • Web and email platforms, including Office 365
  • Data and cloud security solutions, such as Microsoft Azure
  • Total business networks, including employees using remote access
Man holding device with the padlock icon symbolizing strong IT security.

Maximize Your Singapore Business’s Security With EIRE Systems

From full security policy implementation and vulnerability identification to enterprise network security, EIRE Systems has the tools, talent and experience to take your Singapore business’s information security to the next level. We’ve been in business in Singapore and throughout the Asia Pacific region for over two decades, and our track record demonstrates our expertise in IT security. If you’d like to find out how we can help your business, get in touch with us today.