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Custom IT Infrastructure Project Management and IT Support Services in Singapore

Centrally located in Singapore’s Downtown Core and a -5 minute walk from Raffles Place MRT, at EIRE Systems we make sure we are accessible to our clients in the financial, banking and technology industries. We’ve been active in Singapore since 2006, building relationships and helping our local clients and those throughout Southeast Asia create solid, custom IT infrastructures.

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Premier Consultation and Technology Support Services Company in Singapore

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Project Management and Support Services

From office relocations to new data center build-outs, our infrastructure project management team will handle the details of challenging projects so that your staff can stay focused on business productivity. We know the technologies, processes, and requirements and can work with vendors and contractors to make sure day one at the new facility is a positive experience.

EIRE System’s multidisciplinary approach and reliable services enable unparalleled clarity concerning your business’s current technology infrastructure and its financial impact on the bottom line. By leveraging our full breadth and depth of expertise, you can increase your technological capabilities while saving your business money. From data center design or migration to technology renewal or adoption, we’ve seen and done it all. We can tailor-make a solution that works for your business.

A few of the technology projects EIRE Systems can help with include:

  • New technology implementations or migrations
  • Disaster recovery strategies and data support services
  • Business technology analysis and business intelligence
  • Data center strategies, including physical infrastructure and cloud solutions
  • Security solutions and other managed services
  • IT Infrastructure design, relocation or maintenance services

Find out how EIRE Systems is a trusted IT company for project management.

A Support Company With Project Management Expertise

EIRE Systems’ project management services are built and refined through decades of IT consultation experience. By leveraging the latest in project management philosophies, we’ve helped countless businesses successfully implement a broad range of solutions. Our talented Singapore IT support professionals and wealth of expertise mean we aren’t beholden to inflated project costs or missed deadlines. Instead, we deliver real solutions to spec in a timely manner and on budget.

Cybersecurity Your Singapore Business Needs

Cybersecurity has long been a part of our approach to each Singapore client’s needs. We match our cutting-edge strategies to clients’ needs and exposure, using up-to-date IT equipment to provide a variety of defensive and proactive protection. We understand our clients in the Singapore area have IT security needs which vary according to their local site and core business operations, while also being subject to government requirements. We provide customized information security solutions to address both practical and regulatory concerns.

The safety of your company’s data — as well as the data of your valuable customers — depends on appropriate security policies and protections. Without them, your business faces uncertainty in the countless cybersecurity risks that grow in number every day. From bad actors attempting to gain access to your company’s data to security hacks that put your company at risk, EIRE Systems can provide foundational security measures to run your business smoothly when the worst happens. Even for businesses with limited resources.

EIRE Systems is the support department your business needs, with the tools and expertise to identify risks and implement the appropriate solutions to nullify those risks. We can help your business secure your network, data and applications while ensuring future protections through vulnerability management and penetration testing.

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Cloud Solutions

In all probability, your company already leverages one or more cloud solutions. And with good reason: The cloud ushered in an era of flexibility in capabilities and costs that touches everything from employee productivity to IT infrastructure. With EIRE Systems as your partner in the cloud, your business can increase those benefits tenfold, laying the foundation for a transformation that makes your organization more capable, more agile and more cutting-edge. 

Here are just a few of the things that EIRE Systems as a managed services provider can help with:

  • Hybrid cloud solutions tied into existing physical IT infrastructure
  • Cloud backup solutions for ensuring business data retention and continuity across services and applications
  • Infrastructure that scales and grows with your business needs, all at the push of a button
  • Fully centralized data, services and applications, accessible from anywhere in the world
  • Fluid maintenance services and software upgrades, providing the latest in technology without the need for costly immigration
  • Cloud-based asset management and tracking

EIRE Systems can help infuse your business with the latest in cloud technology and provide the necessary building blocks for your company’s transformation in the digital age. 

Technology Consultation and Staffing in Singapore

EIRE Systems has delivered the best in IT consultation and staffing throughout Singapore for more than 15 years. And we deliver results and customer satisfaction every time. By leveraging our hand-selected professionals, our customers have reduced costs and improved their technology foothold, regardless of sector. If your organization requires world-class technology professionals at affordable prices, EIRE Systems can help.

We can help rapidly staff your business across a variety of technology support services, including:

  • Cloud, Network and Infrastructure Engineers
  • Network and Server Administrators
  • Database and Systems Administrators
  • Data Analysts and Specialists
  • Helpdesk Support Engineers and Support Services

The Best Talent in Singapore

Our long-running success reinforces the fact that we only staff the best engineers available. Our stringent recruiting process ensures full ranks of high-profile, cutting-edge talent with the knowledge and expertise to bring your projects or technology implementations to fruition.

In addition to only accepting the most experienced team, EIRE Systems emphasizes continued education among our workforce. By encouraging and supporting ongoing education, we ensure our talented engineers and help desk professionals remain the best in their field while helping encourage a workforce with low turnover. All in service to customer satisfaction. Because our customers depend on the best of the best at an affordable price.

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Development Support.

Our project-ready development experts can help your Singapore-area team venture into new areas and include the latest technologies in your products and processes. Working consistently to assist your development group, we provide their training and support them with access to our exclusive partner resources from companies like Microsoft and Oracle. You include them in the architecture, design, development, and testing phases to empower your team and grow your business.

Ongoing Helpdesk IT Services.

Our on-site and remote IT services enable your company to access fully trained and experienced tech support partners, either on an as-needed basis or as an on-the-ground resource to assist your local team.

Put EIRE Systems
to Work Building and Strengthening Your Technology Resources.

Successful IT support in Singapore requires teamwork, knowledge, and foresight. With EIRE Systems, a leading IT service provider in Singapore, your company can rely on our resources to make your business succeed.