IT outsourcing can solve a common corporate dilemma and enable progress. As the need for new technologies that can make a company more effective and competitive becomes critical, companies are increasingly facing an operations-versus-evolution challenge. It goes something like this.

Getting off the Treadmill and on Toward Goals

The CIO has a technology vision for the company, and the IT manager is ready to roll. On the map are new and productive technologies, cybersecurity protection and the digital transformation. To take on these forward-looking aspects of the company’s technology roadmap, IT also has to work on the server and software upgrades, support desk enhancements and new division onboarding. How do they get off the IT treadmill and bring change?

Some Roadmap Items Aren’t Negotiable

Not all of the new technology is wishlist material. Cybersecurity is a critical item, now more than ever. The CIO is fully aware of how critical threat and vulnerability management is to the company’s success. Top management still sees cybersecurity as just the CIO’s concern — that is, until disaster strikes and everyone is mired in a company-wide crisis.

IT Efficiency Has an Implementation Curve

The IT manager has been suggesting ways to increase efficiency in IT operations. Using container-based implementations, especially for testing and development, could cut a lot of routine overhead. The trouble is, nobody on staff knows much about these technologies.  They’ve had their hands tied with maintenance and upgrades, so they are understandably preoccupied with the task at hand.

Will Adding Headcount Help in the Near Term?

The CIO could allocate funding for a couple of new positions to help. If they hire the right people and train them well, they can start to get their heads above water. That is certainly an option, but the IT manager has a more sensible idea. There are experienced, well-trained experts who can hit the ground running for both implementation and strategy of their key goals. Maybe this year, the resources would be better spent on targeted outsourced IT support?

Expertise Brings Efficiency

The IT manager takes a look at their technology roadmap and identifies specific areas where a specialist could help. They also see benefits in outsourcing some of the routine operations and desktop support roles so their own people can get up to speed on new tech. They start to see themselves presenting at the quarterly meeting, showing both solid ongoing operations and exciting movement on the roadmap.

CEOs Turn to Tested Solutions

Once they’re on a roll, they can convert the outsourced roles to headcount and show how their strategy will more than pay for IT department growth. The CEO and CIO have a talk. The CEO is getting aggressive about the technology roadmap and the company goals it will enable. The outsourcing and use of specialized resources have paid off, and the CEO thinks it should be expanded.

IT Workers Already Seasoned and Experienced

While the company has the unique abilities that make it valuable and competitive in the market, chances are that cutting-edge IT and other computing technologies are beyond that realm. Meanwhile, at IT services organizations, teams of seasoned professionals are being given advanced training as partners with technology development companies. When expertise, reliability, and cost are considered, it looks to be a no-brainer for management to opt for an IT outsourcing option.

IT Experts Help CIOs Say Yes

IT experts can help companies avoid unnecessary restraint on the technology roadmap and embrace realistic solutions that may be more advanced than expected. Examples may be containerization and cloud-based proof-of-concept to speed testing and implementation of new software.

Technology Road Maps Bring Corporate Strength

Corporate growth and evolution in the 21st century are based on the use of technology to achieve milestones. Opportunities include advances such as the use of short-range wireless in factories, the use of accumulated data for analysis, machine learning preparation and artificial intelligence training, and scalable commodity IT resources that provide new degrees of flexibility. IT outsourcing helps companies make these technologies their own. Contact our team today to learn more about our IT Staffing and how it can benefit you.