Project Description

Case Study

EIRE Systems was selected by a leading US investment bank with over 50,000 employees worldwide, to implement an offsite data center solution. The solution needed to cater for expanding IT infrastructure demands over the next 5 years, while decoupling IT infrastructure functions from day-to-day business demands.
To deliver this data center solution the following tasks were completed:

  • Production of a project plan including all steps and designs necessary to successfully complete the IT infrastructure fit out.
  • Implementation of site surveys and interviews with local IT staff to produce/ confirm all IT requirements to house current and future data center equipment.
  • Production of detailed plans/ layouts of the data center to cater for all equipment including telecommunications, network, WAN, exchange feeds, third party vendors etc.
  • Liaison with M&E and construction consultants to communicate IT requirements for air conditioning, UPS and generator power, earthquake reinforcement, floor loadings, lighting, security systems, telecoms routing diversity etc.
  • Production of tender documentation for IT systems including cabling, equipment racks, network equipment, voice (VoIP), SAN, and server requirements.
  • Production of task list and schedule for the installation and commissioning of IT cabling infrastructure and equipment rack works.
  • Production of task list and schedule for installation and relocation of all IT equipment into new data center.
  • Budget production and cost tracking all IT expenditure throughout project implementation.
  • Production of defects/ snag list during implementation stage, and ensuring completion of all works, including reporting of progress to client.
  • Coordination of the delivery of final documentation.