Project Description

Case Study

EIRE Systems was commissioned by a large US financial institution to conduct a regional data center analysis, with the object of formulating a strategy for an APAC data center solution. This assignment included a review of the existing APAC data center footprint including power usage, cabling plant, critical engineering systems, hosted applications and their services and interdependencies, as well as any regulatory considerations associated with existing data center locations as opposed to alternate colocation providers. The client was seeking to assess the current solution and propose a more cost effective model for their APAC data centers. The project scope included:
Development of an APAC data center strategy including but not limited to:

  • Existing scope of APAC hosted service
  • Critical engineering systems assessment
  • Available options for colocations data centers in APAC
  • Costs-benefits of proposed strategies and performance analysis.
  • Services and hardware that can be hosted outside APAC
  • The analysis was successful completed over a 3 month period and a report was submitted to the clients including:
    Executive summary
  • Options evaluated and their costs, risks, technology impact/ interdependencies
  • Recommendations