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How Slow Internet Affects Business

Internet speeds have certainly improved since the days of using Netscape and Windows 3.1, but if your connection is slower than it should be, your business can suffer some serious consequences. A slow internet [...]

How Many Wi-Fi Devices Is Too Many?

Are you concerned about your network performance or security due to the number of connected devices causing a detrimental network load? Are you wondering how many Wi-Fi devices is too many on your network? Read [...]

5 Best Practices for Guest WiFi Networks

These days, reliable internet access is a must for nearly every kind of business. But it’s not just for employees. Providing reliable Wi-Fi access to people visiting your office isn’t just expected, it’s often necessary. [...]

Wi-Fi Surveys Using Ekahau Software

When planning and managing your business network, conducting a Wi-Fi site survey is an important aspect of connection optimization. For a complete picture of your Wi-Fi needs and possible shortfalls, Ekahau leads the Wi-Fi site [...]

What Is Wi-Fi Direct?

. Standard Wireless network connections allow devices to receive information through an access point. Through Wi-Fi Direct, devices have the ability to bypass this process and connect to each other directly. When most [...]

Wi-Fi Aware and Its Benefits

Technology is making it easier than ever to share ideas and communicate with one another. Wireless connections have allowed individuals access to a wealth of knowledge at the tips of their fingers, only limited to [...]

Latest Trends in Managing Your Wi-Fi Network

As we edge closer to the middle of 2020, many businesses are taking time to assess the strength, efficiency and security of their Wi-Fi networks. With companies becoming more reliant on wireless technology, staying on [...]