What Are the Benefits of Hybrid Cloud?

Cloud computing has changed the way modern companies do business. As companies make the shift to the cloud, however, they tend to be left with a collection of off-site solutions and legacy on-premises systems. This [...]

Business Benefits of Hybrid Cloud

Virtualization and the spread of multiple service platforms have revolutionized technology and how it's used in business. Where organizations previously confined their data and computing activities to private, often on-site data centers, virtualized platforms have [...]

The Importance of an Enterprise Cloud Strategy

The cloud-first approach to IT is becoming increasingly popular as a paradigm for guiding companies through digital transformation. However, for many companies, a cohesive sense of what "cloud-first" means, why it's important and what goals [...]

Requirements for Cloud Computing SMB SME

Cloud computing requirements for SMBs and SMEs, these tools are giving them the power of a full data center without the need for on-premise management. Public cloud providers, such as Amazon AWS, IBM Cloud, Microsoft [...]

Cloud Services as a Backup Solution

Data security is a major concern for companies, but larger enterprises often have the resources to access elaborate, customized systems to protect and back up their information. For smaller businesses on a budget, options are [...]

What Is Cloud Infrastructure? The Simple Answer

For businesses to stay competitive in today’s market, it’s important to invest in a cloud infrastructure that will serve as the backbone of your operation. For small and medium-sized enterprises, the time and expense required [...]

What are the Top Benefits of Cloud Solutions?

Cloud solutions – public, private and hybrid – add a valuable component to IT projects and budgets. They allow businesses to scale initial deployments to company-wide services without taking shipments of new servers. Cost control [...]