IT Security

How to Protect Your Business From Ransomware

Many ransomware attacks are preventable, but they're on the rise due to businesses underestimating the urgency of implementing robust security solutions. What's more, there are more ransomware groups than ever thanks to the huge [...]

How Do Hackers Get Your Information?

In 2021, victims of hackers and other criminals lost $6.9 billion due to identity theft, online scams and data breach incidents, according to the FBI's Internet Crime Complaint Center. With data breaches and cybercrimes becoming [...]

Do I Need a Server for My Business?

Keeping up with technological standards is necessary for most businesses to stay competitive, so you may have found yourself wondering, "Do I need a server for my business?" The answer to that question depends [...]

Cloud Backup vs Local Backup

Choosing to back up data for your organization creates a safety net in the event of data loss or a natural disaster destroying vital servers. The two main ways to back up files are [...]

How to Secure Business Wi-Fi?

Implementing a wireless network to give your teams Wi-Fi access has become crucial for businesses looking to increase productivity. A business network acts as a separate network from those a guest can access. Protecting [...]

What to Do If You Get a Phishing Email

Receiving a phishing email can be a little intimidating, to say the least. Does someone have your personal information? Are you at risk of something more nefarious? What should you do? Thankfully, phishing attacks [...]

Why Password Security Is Important

Hackers know about notoriously easy passwords like "password" and "1234." When they attempt an account breach, those are the first passwords they try — and if you don't have good password security, you could lose [...]

How To Prevent Data Loss in a Company

Data security is becoming increasingly more important with every year that passes. As digital transformation takes hold, practically every company holds sensitive data about customers, employees and vendors. Not only can data breaches allow hackers [...]

Why Data Security Is Important for Business

As tools like the internet, cloud computing, fifth-generation wireless technology and artificial intelligence come of age to form the modern digital landscape, more and more businesses depend on their relationship with data. Remote work has [...]