Business Benefits of Hybrid Cloud

Virtualization and the spread of multiple service platforms have revolutionized technology and how it's used in business. Where organizations previously confined their data and computing activities to private, often on-site data centers, virtualized platforms have [...]

Key Steps in a Data Migration Strategy

Data migration in the days of paper filing systems was a physically strenuous but relatively simple proposition, a matter of transferring records from one location to another. It's different in the age of big data. [...]

Why Data Security Is Important for Business

As tools like the internet, cloud computing, fifth-generation wireless technology and artificial intelligence come of age to form the modern digital landscape, more and more businesses depend on their relationship with data. Remote work has [...]

The Importance of an Enterprise Cloud Strategy

The cloud-first approach to IT is becoming increasingly popular as a paradigm for guiding companies through digital transformation. However, for many companies, a cohesive sense of what "cloud-first" means, why it's important and what goals [...]

The Future of AI in Customer Service

Human customer service has its limitations. Artificial intelligence is quickly changing the landscape as AI technology becomes more efficient at performing functions that were traditionally handled by human beings. More service functions than ever before [...]

Technology Revolution in Project Management

It's impossible to ignore the exponential changes that have occurred since the advent of global interconnectivity. Humans and technology have formed a symbiotic relationship that's driving unprecedented levels of change, with technology such as artificial [...]

How COVID Is Affecting the Security Landscape

The COVID-19 pandemic has had implications on how many companies do business. Many workers who'd never worked from home now prefer the flexibility that remote work provides. With the expansion of work-from-home opportunities has come [...]

Green Information Technology Initiatives

Green IT initiatives have been a growing trend in the corporate world over the past decade. As public awareness about the importance of using alternative energy sources to conserve energy and promote environmental sustainability grows, [...]