IT Concierge Services in Shanghai from EIRE Systems

Small businesses in Shanghai have much to consider already, and IT issues are usually only a small (yet very important) part of the day-to-day work.

Small business owners do well to juggle the needs of their employees, customers and suppliers, and it’s easy to lose sight of things like Wi-Fi connectivity or aging fax machines when there’s so much else that needs to be considered.

This is where IT concierge services from EIRE Systems can make a real difference.

If you visit a luxury hotel, you’ll have access to concierge service — a person or group of people who are there to offer you personalized service, making sure your needs are met and solving problems.

IT concierge services are just that, but with an eye for technology instead. The personal touch is one of the most important facets of successful businesses, in terms of current performance and future growth. You can trust EIRE Systems and the expertise of our concierge team to provide innovative solutions for small businesses that want to be able to adapt to the ever-changing digital landscape without having to hire an entire IT department.

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Trust EIRE Services for Your Small Business

Specialists in professional IT systems for insurance, financial and multinational businesses in the Japan and Asia Pacific region, EIRE Systems was established in 1996 through the collaboration of two Irish IT consultants who moved to Japan as graduates.

Since then, the business has grown with offices in Hong Kong, Tokyo, Singapore and Shanghai. Services offered include:

  • IT staffing: From full-time onsite engineers to support on an “as-needed” basis
  • SME IT support: A bespoke mix of baseline remote support and additional on-site services as and when needed
  • Project management: Everything from disaster recovery to office relocation
  • Cloud solutions: Creating integrated cloud-based IT infrastructure to support remote and in-office work, storage and computing ability
  • IT security: Vulnerability management and penetration testing as well as IT policies
  • IT concierge services: Small business IT support and guidance
  • Wi-Fi solutions: Powerful Wi-Fi network upgrades for excellent connectivity

Underpinned by a vast amount of knowledge, experience and innovation, EIRE Systems is a full-spectrum IT solution for businesses of all kinds.

Why You Need IT Concierge Services

With everything a small business owner has to deal with, keeping up with current technology can be a step too far, let alone looking and planning for the future.

Hiring an IT department can be a difficult task. Adding to your employee headcount and payroll is expensive, and recruiting is difficult and time-consuming, especially if you’re not tech-savvy yourself.

With the EIRE Systems IT concierge services, you’ll have access to a team of specialists who are knowledgeable, approachable and ready to help you get the most out of your technology.

The services are designed to really get to know your business and your future plans, working to establish a long-term business relationship in order to offer a full range of planning and support options.

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What Can Concierge Services Do for Your Business?

Our specialists have knowledge and experience working across multiple platforms, so whether your infrastructure is based on Windows, macOS or even Linux, we can help you solve problems and plan for the future.

As an example of the way IT concierge services can work for your business in Shanghai, let’s take a look at some assistance we can offer.

First, data centers. Every business needs reliable connection to computing power, storage and resources — and it needs to be ready to scale as your business grows. For some businesses, an internal data center isn’t the best option, taking up room and adding extra expense. Remote data centers are available, as are cloud-based services, and your IT concierge will know enough about your business and your future plans to help you choose the right one.

Security is key in a digital world, protecting assets, data and sensitive information from unauthorized access and potential threats. IT concierge services can ensure your IT security is up to date with the relevant hardware and software in place. It can also ensure your employees have the right training and knowledge to be aware of online threats like phishing and hacking as well as the skills to recognize where user error could be a problem, too.

Developing businesses should actively look for IT support in project management. Most useful in the early planning stages of tech-related projects, the IT concierge can help with expert advice on innovation, solutions and potential pitfalls so planned projects can be completed in the most cost-effective and straightforward way.

Software and hardware advice that suits your needs requires an understanding specialist with the underlying knowledge of the way you run your business. Looking for solutions to suit your needs in terms of databases for employees, for talent management and for building customer relationships, as well as the right way to develop e-commerce solutions, apps and user interfaces, is part of the ongoing support the concierge service can offer.

Planning ahead is something all businesses should do, but keeping your finger on the pulse of incoming technology isn’t as easy as it sounds, especially when you’re dealing with the rest of the business as well. IT concierge services keep up to date with innovation and new technology, learning about trends and always ready to translate “tech-speak” so you can understand exactly what’s coming and how it’ll benefit your business.

Your Small Business.

With the help and support of the talented, knowledgeable and ever-present IT concierge services from EIRE Systems, you can ensure you’re getting the most from the digital landscape and leveraging technology to maximize profits today.

More than this, you’re ensuring you can always keep an eye on the future, ready to scale and grow your IT infrastructure as the business develops, too..