Project Description

Case Study

EIRE Systems was awarded a contract to implement a BCP/DR solution for a leading international insurance company operating worldwide, offering a diverse range of financial protection products and wealth management services.

Our client brief including the following tasks:

  • Establish and confirm a broad business continuity policy
  • Develop site specific BCP strategies
  • Deliver a BCP/DR solution
  • Implement testing of the delivered solution
  • Provide end users training

Our solution consisted of the following seven steps:

  1. Establishment and Confirmation of Broad Business Continuity Policy
    Global and regional considerations were included, where this work also defined audit, regulatory and ethical commitments.
  2. Development of Site Specific BCP Strategy
    A review of local business group specific requirements was undertaken to determine the basic strategy, scope and schedule for a location-specific BCP project. Tactical and strategic response considerations were addressed at this stage.
  3. Organization and Confirmation a Project Existence
    Project establishment meetings, structure (staffing), reporting, and deliverables were established at this stage. A staffing profile including business, technology, audit and legal considerations was also developed.
  4. Initiation of Fieldwork
    Following the criteria set out above a Business Impact Analysis process was undertaken. Information collection, risk assessment, and preliminary Recovery Plan work was undertaken.
  5. Solution Delivery
    Documentation of business recovery plans, technology requirements, preliminary design, issue of tender documents, budget approvals, contracts and build solution all formed part of this process.
  6. Testing and Training
    This stage included the development of an “Incident Response Process and Procedure” (BCP/DR manual), including the definition of testing and training profiles, and establishment of business processes to better support the recovery strategies.
  7. Maintenance Schedule
    A process for the maintenance of the BCP plan was implemented. This was a key requirement for audit and regulatory commitments. This step provided a feedback loop into a Business Impact Analysis process for the continuous maintenance of the BCP/DR solution.